VMworld 2019


VMworld 2019 Alternatives


#1 AWS


AWS app enables its global users to prepare the AWS certified solutions Architect associate-level exams, offering an optimum interactive learning environment. AWS – Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C01 is a stunning tool developed by Magic Bytes Soft Inc. that intuitively brings key reviews on exam topics and covers exam concepts. The app brings mapping multi-tier architectures to the AWS service, including firewalls, caches, load balancers, app/web services. It also helps you in understanding stateless and loose coupling systems.

You can also understand managed RDBMS through MySQL, Postgres, Aurora, Oracle, SQL Server, and AWS RDS. You can intuitively access the real test sessions’ simulation, additional 1200 practice questions, and get instant updates. The app also features an exclusive glossary of key terms, content without ads, understanding the Network technologies, understanding of Elasticity and Scalability Concepts, etc. AWS – Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C01 app is significant for getting an optimum interactive learning environment.


#2 Cisco Packet Tracer Mobile


Cisco Packet Tracer Mobile is an elegantly designed packet trace mobile tool that brings innovative network visualization as well as a simulation tool for use with CAN (Cisco Networking Academy). Cisco Packet Tracer Mobile is a sleekly designed platform presented by Cisco Systems, Inc. that helps you use packet trace over your cellular devices to prepare your certification exams whenever, wherever. It enables you to practice what you learn in networking courses, build internet of things simulations, and sharpen your networking skills for job interviews.

It needs upgraded versions of Android 4.2 and all the later version and is optimized for screens of 7 inches. While on the other hand, Cisco Networking Academy is a career and an IT building program for learning institutions and individuals worldwide. Cisco Packet Tracer Mobile is not recommended for phones of smaller screens, although the Packet Tracer app will run.

#3 PMP Pocket Prep


PMP Pocket Prep app features automatic test retrieval and saving, in-app messaging to its experts, optimization for tablets and phones, automatic historic result analysis, and much more right on the palm of your hands. PMP Pocket Prep is a superb tool presented in the market by Pocket Prep, Inc. that helps you enjoy effortless studying anywhere, anytime. You can enjoy 30 free practice questions, 14 days of free questions of the day, and more than 30 free bonus questions via social media platforms.

It brings the latest PMBOK 6 requirements and guidance on Project Integration Management, Project Scope Management, Project Cost Management, Project Schedule Management, Project Communications Management, Project Quality Management, Project Stakeholder Management, and Project Procurement Management. You can answer tricky questions intuitively and even review your results right using your cell phones. PMP Pocket Prep app also features more than 650 total practice questions, priority email support, and one purchase upgrading support.


#4 VCE Simulator


VCE Simulator is a highly recommended and sleekest version of popular test taking platforms that assists its users in dozens of ways. VCE Simulator is a stunning platform presented in the market by Tradesol Group Ltd, which enables its global users to take tests from the .vce files on the move. You can intuitively register in two simple ticks and then enjoy all the benefits that it has for you. It enables you to add exams via just a single click of the button and start practicing right away.

You can effortlessly set the necessary parameters and enjoy your exams whenever you want. You can instantly review the results of the exams and improve them whenever you want. VCE Simulator app lets you press the exams and discover your knowledge gaps intuitively. VCE Simulator app also helps you save your results and share them with your buddies, family members, and various others.

#5 Degreed


Degreed is a significant tool that lets you capture all your learning right under a single platform developed in the market by Degreed Inc. and get the credit for it. Degreed – Daily Learning Habit is a stunning tool developed for letting you capture all your learning, including informal, professional, basic, and at the moment. The app enables you to discover, measure, review, and track the most exclusive learning materials from anywhere using your cell phones.

You can precisely add everything that you have learned to your profile over here and keep the stats on the palm of your hands. It also enables you to have a curated learning experience by letting you get customized learning content from the most deliberate resources covered daily. You can also save your most likely articles, interesting and engaging videos, and other content for later. Degreed – Daily Learning Habit app lets you share the content that you are learning.

#6 Learn AWS Edition


Learn AWS Edition enables its global users to learn Cloud computing as well as Amazon web services from the Artificial Intelligence-driven coach and get an enhanced experience. Learn AWS Edition – And Cloud Computing is a superb tool presented in the market by Quizmine.Com that helps you satisfy your hunger for knowledge by learning plenty of exclusive stuff. You can precisely learn patent, copyright, and trademark right from your cell phones and tablets.

Some of its available chapters for rapid fast learning include Entrepreneurship, MBA, Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Leadership, Interview, Introduction to PMP, Public Relations, and much more. You can also enjoy the significant learning of Investment, Principles of Management, Finance, Management Information System, Business Math, Human Resource Management, Communication Skills, Project Management, and various others. Learn AWS Edition – And Cloud Computing app offers bite sizes AI driven coach, quizzes, videos, and other content to help you become great and smarter.

#7 AWS Certified Solutions Arch.


AWS Certified Solutions Arch. App brings more than 320 carefully crafted exam questions and keeps on updating its content whenever you want. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Exam is a fine tool developed by IT Apps Inc. that brings highly exclusive questions that are designed to resemble the actual AWS exams (certified architect association). Its Amazon web services certifications must have certifications for the Information Technology professionals and are highly converted to help you advance your career.

Some of its covered topics include Route53, RDS, EC2, Multi-Factor Authentication, CloudTrail, SNS, Autoscaling, S3, SWF, DynamoDB, MFA, VPC, SQS, ElasticBeanstalk, Load balancing, EBS, AWS console, Cloud Front, among others. You can also get an explanation for important questions, Timer enables or disable the feature, social sharing facilities, check answers before submitting, and review breakdown of results. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Exam app keeps on updating its question and other content daily.

#8 CompTIA Security+ Pocket Prep


CompTIA Security+ Pocket Prep is a highly recognized credential that overs network security, threats and vulnerabilities, compliance and operation security, data and host security, and much more. CompTIA Security + Pocket Prep is an exceptional tool developed in the market by Pocket Prep, Inc. that helps you study anywhere you want. The app includes identity management, cryptography, and access control, etc. You can get in-depth historic result analysis and multiple modes of practice (study and simulation).

The app features exam day countdown, in-app messaging to its experts, study remainders, automatic text saving and retrieval, and optimization for tablets and phones. You can enjoy almost 30 free practice questions, 14 days of free questions of the day, and 30 free bonus questions through social media over its free version. While on the other hand, CompTIA Security+ Pocket Prep app features priority email support, over 500 total practice questions over its premium updates.

#9 Codecademy Go


Codecademy Go app enables its global users to review as well as practice what you learn over the web from anywhere, anytime around the world. Codecademy Go is a stunning platform presented in the market by Codecademy Go Inc. that helps you review coding concepts daily. You can keep up your streak and practice your desired stuff on the move. You can intuitively discover new ways to practice coding syntax and remember plenty of stuff with sleekly designed daily flashcards that you can instantly skim.

You can intuitively learn how to apply skills with advice from industry leaders over day-to-day. The app lets you track your instant progress, maintain streaks, and review whenever, wherever. You can precisely learn web development, HTML, Python, Javascript, CSS, SQL, data science, computer science, Javascript, and various others to come. Codecademy Go app lets you learn plenty of exclusive things that whenever, wherever.

#10 Frontend Masters


Frontend Masters app lets you learn the front-end development skills and master the most significant JavaScript intuitively. Frontend Masters – Javascript Courses is a highly developed platform presented in the market by Frontend Masters that lets you develop fundamental Javascript, CSS grid, node.JS, Flexbox, React, Vue, and various others. You can precisely save videos over your devices and watch your desired content on the move even in offline mode anywhere, anytime (on a train, over the plane, or in the space).

You can instantly access new courses as well as grab the entire course catalog as they are released. You can never lose your watched content by getting things from there, where you left off. The app features guided paths to expand capabilities as a well-rounded engineer and is significant for beginners and professionals. So just download the Frontend Masters – Javascript Courses app over your cell phones and tablets and enjoy more than 100 fresh web development courses over here.

#11 DataCamp


DataCamp helps its global users learn the fundamentals of coding without letting their users make any effort or spent any money. DataCamp – Learn R, Python & SQL coding is a superb tool developed in the market by Data Camp Inc. that lets you learn data sciences on the move. It is a beautiful and sleek app designed for both advanced level and beginner users. It intuitively offers detailed content of coding courses that helps you do things effortlessly.

You can precisely learn python by having the real code over its beautifully designed and interactive coding courses. DataCamp: Learn Data Science app lets you learn by writing real codes, intro to python, and make visualization and manipulate data frames, etc. You can instantly download the DataCamp – Learn R, Python, and SQL coding app whenever you want to learn how to visualize, import, analyze, and manage data in almost five mins a day.

#12 Perlego


Perlego app helps you stay ahead with bestselling titles and authors, learn new skills, and read stuff offline anywhere, anytime. Perlego is a beautifully crafted platform developed by Perlego Inc. that is a reading subscription that provides both students as well as professionals with unlimited access to tons of titles from all the best sellers. You can elegantly learn dozens of new skills to boost their career as well as pursue your internets with books on more than 500 topics.

You can instantly get unlimited access to all the university courses and learn thousands of magnificent titles for your research and essays. Perlego app lets you stay updated while learning almost all the bestselling business books. You can learn new skills over more than 500 subjects, from leadership to programming. Perlego app helps you expand your aura and horizons with almost all the non-fiction titles as well.

#13 OpenStax + SE


OpenStax + SE is a stunning platform where more than 9 million students have secured more than 600 million by using free textbooks, presented in the market by Study Edge. OpenStax + SE app instantly covers the sequence of the most introductory college courses as well as the standard scope that is written and reviewed by experts. It offers more than 30 titles, including Algebra and Trigonometry, Astronomy, OB, Biology, Calculus, Financial Accounting, Intermediate Algebra, Introductory Statistics, Management, Managerial Accounting, Precalculus, Psychology, AP U.S. History, and AP College Physics.

OpenStax + SE app also contains titles regarding American Government, Anatomy & Physiology, Business Ethics, Business Statistics, Introduction to Business, Introduction to Sociology, Microbiology, Microeconomics, University Physics, U.S. History, AP Macroeconomics, and AP Microeconomics, etc. You can precisely get content on Chemistry (Atoms First, College Physics, Chemistry, and College Algebra), Concepts of Biology, and Principles of Economics.

#14 Bash Programming Language


Bash Programming Language brings classic Bash programming language right on the palm of your hands and helps you learn everything over your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and other iOS devices. Bash Programming Language: Run Unix & Linux Commands is a beautiful tool developed in the market by Anastasia Kovba Inc. that brings an exceptional tool for studying, entertainment, complex mathematical calculation, and much more. It needs an internet connection, and you also have to buy complications inside of the app.

You can intuitively compile as well as run your desired program and input text before the running and text output. It features an enhanced source code editor with the line number, color themes, syntax highlights, and an additional keyboard. You can also get several program samples and online language references as well. Bash Programming Language: Run Unix and Linux Commands is a fine programming tool available over App Store that helps you run and manage programs effortlessly.

#15 Around The Cloud


Around The Cloud is a magnificent platform to train as well as test yourself using it whenever, wherever you want. Around The Cloud – pass AWS SA-A exam app carries over 100 questions and is designed specifically for people who are going to face the AWS exam. It contains a bunch of sets with multiple options of a single answer and the capability to set by service that is established by a crew of certified Solutions Architects.

You can select simple mode, real exam mode (60 questions for 80 mins), and mini-exam modes (with 20 questions for half an hour) over a single app. It features offline working, comments for each question constantly updated, keeps the progress of passed sets, and filters questions by the service of AWS. Around The Cloud – pass AWS SA-A exam App brings the option for making questions more important.

#16 LinkedIn Learning


LinkedIn Learning is a stunning platform where you can instantly grow your skills while exploring more than 16,000 expert-led content, developed in the market by LinkedIn. LinkedIn Learning: Online Courses to Learn Skills app enables you to discover recommended courses, downloading of learning offline, watch content by experts, and showcase certificates on LinkedIn, etc.

You can take marketing classes, watch interactive designing and web tutorials, learn graphics designing, get management training, take photography courses, and the heaven of other content. You can instantly access more than 16000 courses in tech, business, and management, etc.

#17 ReWi


ReWi app enables its global users to rewire your brain to build positive, healthier, and exquisite habits. ReWi is a fine platform presented in the market by Yale University Inc. that helps you rewire your habits, measure your happiness using a validated survey, and track your progress over time. You can intuitively track your progress; the total activities logged, daily streaks, bar chart view (tracking of all the activities tracked timely), calendar view of each activity.

It helps you practice plenty of activities over the app, such as visualizing effective goal setting, listening to meditation tracks, and more. You can track eight activities, including exercise, sleep, goal setting, kindness, savoring, social connection, gratitude, and goal setting, to promote an increase in well-being. So just give a chance to download the ReWi app over your cell phones and tablets and change your behavior to become happier.

#18 Shaw Academy


Shaw Academy is a magnificently designed online learning platform offering online courses presented by many experienced instructors. Shaw Academy – Online Courses with Certification is a fine tool that made education fun, affordable, and easy. Shaw Academy – Online Learning App lets you learn from top instructors in its exclusive learning experience. You can use online courses to boost your creativity and career or even take up a new hobby.

Shaw Academy – Online Courses app enables its global users to advance your career over its exclusive online courses, including English, Photography, Photoshop, Management, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Nutrition, Digital Marketing, and various others. You can also get detailed content over exclusive courses, including Graphic Design, Web Design, Sports Nutrition, Fitness, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Cryptocurrency, Make-Up, and Beauty, etc. So just download Shaw Academy – Online Courses with Certification app and have an exclusive online learning experience.

#19 ITPro.TV


ITPro.TV is a unique and elegant tool where you can learn new technology, train your IT team on the latest tech, pass any IT certification exam, and much more. ITPro.TV is a fine tool that helps you resume viewing as well as tracking your hours viewed on the dashboard. You can precisely stream the daily live feed and access to select free IT training courses whenever, wherever you want.

You can precisely access the entire course library while having more than 4K hours with your paid membership of the ITProTV app. You can also get the paid membership by getting the bi-weekly lectures and webinars over the IT leadership skills, weekly tech news, cutting-edge technology, and much more. It features an easy search bar, resumes watching episodes, chats with support in-app, syncs your viewing history, and enjoy loads of other things. ITPro.TV app also lets you download episodes to your device offline viewing.

#20 Packt


Packt is a fine platform that enables its global users to read and watch content such as books, videos, and plenty of other multimedia stuff from your device. Packt – More Tech, More Choice is a fine tool developed by Packt Publishing Ltd, which features offline reading, instant learning of dozens of courses, and instantly downloading selected sections. It provides offline reading by letting your download complete books and exclusive video sections to your device.

You can effortlessly read and watch more than 6500 videos and books of Packt available after having Packt’s subscription. You can precisely subscribe to the app to enjoy the exclusive content that it contains for you. It also supports a Night Mode for enjoying it in the darker display. Packt – More Tech and More Choice app enables its global users to follow their learning path and keep progressing on the move.

#21 CISSP Pocket Prep


CISSP Pocket Prep app contains an exclusive exam simulator that brings ISC (information security certification) tests with more than 250 multiple choice questions right over your cell phones. CISSP Pocket Prep is a stunning platform presented in the market by Pocket Prep, Inc. that helps you establish personalized practice tests along with the capability of strong answer explanations. It features two modes of practice (study and simulation), detailed historic results analysis, in-app messaging, automatic test saving/retrieval, and much more.

You can also get the question of the day, exam day countdown, optimization of tablets or cellphones, study remainders. Some of the CISSP 5th edition domains include security engineering, security operations, asset security, security assessment and testing, security risk and management, communication and network security, software development security, and more. Some of its pro upgraded features include more than 600 total practice questions, one-time purchase, and priority email support.

#22 Lynda.com


Lynda.com is a significant app that is now turned into LinkedIn Learning that helps you access the entire library courses whenever you want right over your cell phones and tablets. Lynda – Online Training Videos is a superb platform presented in the market by LinkedIn Inc. that enables its global users to enjoy an exclusive, sleek, and more personalized learning experience. It brings personalized course recommendations, instant access to the courses from the subscribed library, stream online courses and do much else.

You can instantly view your personalized dashboard to keep track of your entire courses as well as training. It features auto-playing of courses, instant sharing of sources across social platforms, individual videos, and view or edits playlists to create your personalized training plans. It also brings video tutorials that include adjustable playback speed, closed captioning, sleek designing, and more. Lynda – Online Training Videos app brings poplar training courses right on the palm of your hands.

#23 Simplilearn


Simplilearn is a unique and magnificent platform where you can instantly discover high-quality online courses as well as free learning resources, including ebooks, webinars, articles, and more. Simplilearn: Learn Online With Free Courses is a stunning platform developed by Simplilearn Solutions that helps you boost your career by having more than 400 courses, ebooks, whitepapers, free videos, articles, and various other significant content. It brings fast-tracked over 500K career and brings more than $5B in salary-hikes till now.

It enables its global users to download your desired course contents over its mobile app and study without having any internet. You can complete your course to earn PDUs and even grab your most authentic certification straight to your device. Just download the Simplilearn: Learn Online With Free Courses app over the cell phones and tablets and learn whenever, wherever you want without paying for everything.

#24 FileBot


FileBot is an elegantly designed and ultimate tool for managing, organizing, and renaming your TV series, anime, movies, and other content with ease. FileBot: The ultimate TV and Movie Renamer is a sleekly designed platform that makes it effortless and free to organize your TV shows and movies without much of a stretch.

Apart from managing and renaming your desired video content, you can also fetch subtitles and artwork without paying for anything. You can automatically match your files with the information available in plenty of online databases accordingly. You can also search as well as download subtitles manually, fix encoding problems, and preview subtitles in a breeze.