Whateverworks.com Alternatives


#1 Build.com

For past many years, this online retailer is globally offering services in thousands of home improvement products from plumbing to lighting and home décor to kitchen accessories. Purchasing home appliances and home improvement products from an online store is entirely different from purchasing clothes. It required careful planning as most of the time heavy amount is attached to these products. Build.com is said to be the one of the reliable online home improvement product dealers that in addition to offering free delivery will assure to deliver the products within three business days. At the main page of the Build.com in addition to an advanced search system, you will be provided with the shopping sections in the products range of bathroom, kitchen, lighting, fans, hardware, décor, appliances, heating & air, flooring and much more. On the weekly basis, this platform also announced the saving deals as well. You are going to get marvelous services from the shopping portal of Build.com. The payment methods acceptable by the Build.com are Accredited Business, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Amazon Payments, MasterPass, PayPal and BlueTarp. You can enjoy the free ground shipping in case of placing an order of $49 or more. If want to enjoy free freight shipping offer then place the order of $1500 or more. Returns can be made to Build.com within thirty days of receiving the delivery.

#2 Lowes.com

Lowes.com is a web-based shopping center from where you can find and shop the high-quality home-based appliances in the range of furniture, tools, flooring material, hardware, electrical tools, and various other home improvement items. It is very easy to purchase anything from the Lowes.com that starts from the process of first selecting any time and them simply proceeding to the checkout. Right from the main page of Lowes.com there is a section by the name of ideas and how-tos from where you can get the working and experienced home improvement ideas for free. You don’t need to separately hire a designer to get the ideas of home improvement as Lowes.com is delivering this service for free. Whatever you need in your home is available at the portal of Lowes.com. By sitting at your home or office, you can place an order with Lowes.com and your product will be on your described location within prescribed days. In addition to going through the categories of Lowes.com, you can simply use the search section of Lowes.com as well where you are only required to provide the name of your product and the advanced search system of Lowes.com will filter it out for you. In the case of placing the order of $49 or more, you will be able to avail the free shipping service.


#3 Homedepot.com

HomeDepot.com is an online shopping portal for home improvement products only. The home improvement and finishing products available at the online marketplace of HomeDepot.com can be explored in the category of home appliances, bath & faucets, building material, kitchen accessories, garden equipment, electrical instruments, heating & cooling and likewise many other homes based products only. In addition to home consumable products you can even search for DIY and home improvements ideas from HomeDepot.com as well. HomeDepot.com has arranged the interface of its main page in a very user-friendly way from where you can easily navigate from one section to another one. All you need to move to the website HomeDepot.com and explore through the categories for your desired product. You can use the search product bar of the HomeDepot.com as well. The online portal of HomeDepot.com support for the after sale services as well. Whether you want to check your online order status, want to manage the credit card or simply get the help service, all can be access from the portal of HomeDepot.com. Every day this platform comes with several saving deals. Shipping time of the HomeDepot.com largely depends on the processing time and the shipping method. However, generally, it takes two to three business days to arrive the order at your doorstep. If you have HomeDepot.com commercial account then you can even return the products within a year of purchase as well.

#4 Improvementscatalog.com

There is a place over the internet named as ImprovementsCatalog.com from where you can find and shop the home improvement products. The improvement products available at the online shopping portal of ImprovementsCatalog.com can be explored in the category of home décor, separate products for outdoor and indoor living, electronic & entertainment, pets, and various others. In addition to shopping, you can also explore from there the home improvement ideas as well. Innovative storage products, unique home décor items, stylish outdoor furniture and likewise many other products you will explore the shopping market of ImprovementsCatalog.com. If you are unable to find your article at ImprovementsCatalog.com then you can forward the request to the ImprovementsCatalog.com as well. The best about ImprovementsCatalog.com is that it has a global availability that’s why it is called as the global online retailer of home improvements products. There is no concept of free shipment at all whatever your ordering location is. The minimum shipment charges applicable are $7.95 that can boost to $24.95 as well. In the case of placing the order of $300 or more, ten percent of the merchandise will be charged as shipment charges. Shipment policy is little expensive but you will get the guaranteed product at your hope and that is enough to start shopping with ImprovementsCatalog.com. You can make the return or exchange the products within thirty days from the date of shipment.


#5 Acehardware.com

acehardware.com is a web-based shopping portal for the home improvement and hardware tools. It is a platform in the online world from where in addition to shopping the home improvement and hardware products you can also come to know about the tips and advice for home improvement and can avail various other services as well. acehardware.com is the provider of branded products only. Right from the shopping portal of acehardware.com you will always encounter the branded products of the top leading home improvement brands of the world. The main products available at the online shopping portal of the acehardware.com are lawn & garden, outdoor living, paint, lighting & ceiling fans, home goods, storage & office products, tools, hardware, plumbing, heating & cooling. You can only image what you are going to avail from the online shopping portal of the acehardware.com. the exceptional about acehardware.com is that in most of the cases shipment is free. Sales and special offers are also the part of this online market in addition to the normal selling. From order placing to check out and getting delivery from the after sale services, this shopping portal is going to introduce you with the new level of shopping experience.

#6 Masters.com.au

Masters.com.au is an Australian based home improvement products retailer that has the presence in most of the countries and major locations. Right from the online market of Masters.com.au you can explore the desired products from the thousands of the product available. In addition to online shopping, you can also get free home improvement idea and advice from the Masters.com.au as well. The main advantage of buying from the online home improvement portal of Masters.com.au is that it deals in only branded products. Right from the platform of Masters.com.au, you can make shopping of the world’s leading brands like BOSCH, 3M, Philips, KOBALT, Electrolux, Jackson, Swann, Hitachi, Panasonic, SHARP and likewise dozens of other renowned brands. You can search products by way of departments that contain the listing of tools, appliances, electrical & hardware, bathroom & plumbing, flooring & tiles, paint & decorating, etc. In term of web interface, Masters.com.au is not very good. Sometimes visitors are required to explore more to find the exact product. The payment methods currently acceptable by the Masters.com.au are American Express, VISA, MasterCard, Money, and PayPal. The shipment services of Masters.com.au are not cleared. Moreover, the return policy of Masters.com.au is also not clear. You are required to be careful.

#7 Home-improvement-superstore.com

From that portal, you can easily buy home improvement products, home appliances, furniture, kitchen & garden equipment, outdoor living products and lot of other appliances that have direct or indirect use in the day to day life in the home. Home-Improvement-SuperStore.com is among those few home improvement retailers who have a global presence. Home-Improvement-SuperStore.com is also offering its shipment services in almost two hundred countries across the globe. Move to the Home-Improvement-SuperStore.com and you will surely find it is offering its selling services in your country as well. Shopping home improvement products from the online shopping center of the Home-Improvement-SuperStore.com is surely very easy because of its user-friendly web interface. Home-Improvement-SuperStore.com has arranged its shopping portal into two main orders that are shopping via category or searching through its product finding bar. In the shopping by category, the main sections for shopping are bath products, electrical products, flooring, home security products, home appliances, kitchen appliances, lawn & garden care products, bedroom accessories, dining room products, decoration accessories and much more. You can easily navigate to these categories to find out the desired products within few minutes. The payment methods currently being acceptable by the Home-Improvement-SuperStore.com are VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express and Discover. Your product will be delivered within one to two business days. On most of the products, there are no shipment charges at all.

#8 Surplus-warehouse.com

surplus-warehouse.com is one of the leading online home improvement shopping portal from where you can get products in the range of floors, kitchen, baths, windows, doors and various others at guaranteed affordable prices. First of all, there is user-friendly web interface of the surplus-warehouse.com that enables its buyers to easily navigate from one section of surplus-warehouse.com to another one. In addition to exploring through the categories of surplus-warehouse.com, you can also opt for the advanced search system of surplus-warehouse.com as well where you are required to provide the name of your desired product and compelte details about will be on the screen in front of you. For the convenient of the visitors there is a project idea book of the surplus-warehouse.com as well that is available for free. From that catalog book, you can read about the products that are arranged into the showcase of surplus-warehouse.com on a regular basis all at the guaranteed lowest price. The other exceptional quality of surplus-warehouse.com is its planning and estimation system via which you can get the free flooring estimate, free kitchen planning, free windows estimate and much more. So, from shopping to planning a lot of activities are at the platform of surplus-warehouse.com that you can access for free. The return policy of surplus-warehouse.com is also very favorable that permit for the replacement or refund within ninety days of getting the delivery.

#9 Sutherlands.com

sutherlands.com is the name of sustainable home improvement products provider that can be ordered while sitting at home. From this online home improvement shopping portal you will get those elite and premium level of products that will improve the performance and environment of your home. This will ultimately lead to the extended sustainability of your home. treehouse.co is the provider of a news kind of home improvement products. From the online shopping portal of sutherlands.com, you can make purchases according to departments. The main shopping departments at the sutherlands.com are building materials, home systems, outdoor, homestead, finishes & adhesives, lightning, flooring, kitchen & bath, hardware & tools, etc. It is up to you whether you want to shop by way of finding products or exploring through the shopping stores of the sutherlands.com. You will always get the best home improvement products from the platform of sutherlands.com. Just click on your desired category and start shopping from the online home improvement store of the sutherlands.com. sutherlands.com is going to deliver you the new level of shopping experience that will base on the saving offers of the sutherlands.com.

#10 Homeimprovement.co.nz

HomeImprovement.co.nz is a New Zealand based home improvement products provider shopping website that in addition to offering its family nad home product in New Zealand, delivering the services in the other countries as well. You can expect from here a wide collection of home improvement products of all type. The home improvement products available at the HomeImprovement.co.nz are arranged into the order of attic stairs, bathroom accessories, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, energy recovery sources, kitchen equipment, lounge furniture, outdoor furniture, skylight, saunas and much more. As you can see most of the home improvement products available at the HomeImprovement.co.nz belongs to the furniture and hardware accessories. So, if you want home based furniture products then HomeImprovement.co.nz will be the best place for this purpose because it will make you able to have your home-based furniture products at a single shopping portal. Just move to the collection section of the HomeImprovement.co.nz to select your desired product and make the payment. Payment can be made online by way of VISA or MasterCard. In the case of a successful transaction, your ordered product will be delivered to you within two working days. Keep it mind this is dispatched day is not getting the actual delivery within two days at your address. In the case of receiving the faulty product, the return for a replacement or the full refund can be made within seven days of getting the delivery. The product will be first inspected again by the HomeImprovement.co.nz and then replacement or a full refund will be made.

#11 Kirklands.com

Kirklands.com is an online marketplace for home décor and other accessories. From this home improvements shopping material you can make purchases in the category of outdoor equipment, furniture, art & wall décor, mirrors, lighting, décor & pillows, rugs & curtains, kitchen & entertaining, and much more. Kirklands.com has the finest collection of all type of home consumable products. In addition to categories, the search of the product can also be through the search bar of the Kirklands.com where you are required to provide the name of products only for which you are looking for. There is a special section for inspiration and ideas as well. These section contains the unique idea about home improvement and the events to celebrate in the home. There is no free shipment on any of the product of Kirklands.com. The minimum standard rate is $4.95 that even cross the rate of $50 as well. Moreover, the rush rates are double than standard delivery charges. So, while making shopping keep in mind you are going to the right track. Delivery time is approximately three to seven business days. And returns for exchange or a full refund can also be made within thirty days of the original order. From order to check out and payment method to after sale services, Kirklands.com is making it possible to deliver the best sale services to the customers. You will really get a lot from the platform of Kirklands.com.

#12 Truevalue.com

TrueValue.com is a web-based home improvement center that provides the home décor and improvement products across the globe. The products available in the online marketplace of TrueValue.com can be explored into the categories of electrical & lighting, far, & ranch supplies, hardware, heating & cooling, outdoor living, paint supplies, pet supplies, kitchen & bath and much more. In short, whatever you need in your daily home life is available at the online shopping portal of the TrueValue.com. The exceptional about TrueValue.com is that on most of the purchases it is offering free shipping to its online customers and there is no limit set for purchasing a specific quantity in order to get the free shipping. If you are interested in becoming the boss of your own products and services then TrueValue.com is giving you an opportunity to create your own online store at TrueValue.com and sell your goods and products on your own terms and conditions. You will be provided with all facilities by the TrueValue.com. So, TrueValue.com can be said as an online trading point from where you can either buy the products or can sell your own one as well. If you want to return the product purchased either ship to store order or ship to home order, you can make return items to the TrueValue.com within thirty days of the TrueValue.com. After inspection by the TrueValue.com, you will either allowed to exchange the product or get the full refund.

#13 Wickes.co.uk

wickes.co.uk is a web-based home improvements product dealer that offers a wide range of products at very affordable prices. The products available in the online marketplace of wickes.co.uk can be explored into the range of kitchens accessories, bathrooms, building materials, doors & windows, flooring, tiles, heating & plumbing, gardens & outdoor products, paint & accessories, security & ironmongery and dozens of others. Simply move to the wickes.co.uk where the information about all these products available in an order. The other exceptional quality of wickes.co.uk is that there is a dedicated place for help and advice from where you can get the guides, how to videos, and dozens of ideas and advice about decorating, tile & flooring, home maintenance, gardening & landscaping, kitchens & bathrooms, home security & safety, and various others. In short, from placing an order to getting information about the home improvement ideas, you are going to explore worthwhile information from the wickes.co.uk. The cost of the delivery depends on upon the type of product you order and the value of the order. In the case of an order of £50, the delivery charges will be £7.95. The free delivery system is also applicable if the order above £50 will be placed. Big and bulky products will take seven days to arrive at your address. In the case of wrong, misstated or undesired product you can return the product in its original condition for a refund within thirty days of delivery.

#14 Homedecorators.com

homedecorators.com is an incredible assortment over the internet of lovely home décor and furnishings that are organized here in a proper order. The main shopping categories at homedecorators.com are outdoor items, furniture, rugs, home décor, bath, storage & organizer, textiles, gifts, and much more. For every corner of the home, there is something to purchase at the online shopping portal of the homedecorators.com. homedecorators.com shipping rates vary from country to country and type to type. Shipping rates depend on the services you want to get. Whatever you want to purchase for your home regarding home improvement and decoration purpose you will never return emptied hands from the online shopping portal of the homedecorators.com. This online shopping portal has one of the largest collections of the home improvement and decoration products. This online shopping portal delivers an extensive selection of high-quality furniture, area rugs, and accessories that you can explore from its catalog. With homedecorators.com shipping options, what you see is what you pay. The standard shipping cost and any available upgrades are listed on each item. The standard shipping charges are determined by the size and weight of the item. Most of the items will be delivered to you within twenty-four hours and will arrive within three to five days of the shipment date. If you want to make the return or simply want to exchange then you can return the product within forty-five days of getting the delivery as well.

#15 Fabfurnish.com

It is an online shopping for home furnishings, furniture, décor, kitchenware, etc. FabFurnish.com is the online marketplace of thousands of products that it offer for sale in the categories of design products, furniture, solid wood made products, bed & bathroom products, home décor, kitchen & dining, home appliances, lighting products and much more. In addition to regular sales, you can get from here the special sale products as well that are available at very affordable rates. FabFurnish.com is the provider of branded products only. The products of top leading brands listed here are Arra, Corelle, Leaf Designs, Orka, Shilp, Rainforest Italy, etc. Currently, it is offering four payment methods that are net banking, cash on delivery, part payment and EMI. In the case of making the payments in advance, the acceptable channels are VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Paytm and RuPay. Free delivery is applicable on most of the products. However, in the case of any shipment and additional charges, these will be displayed on the product page and checkout. Moreover, return for all the products will be accepted only for defective and damaged products. In the case of returns against defective and damaged products, you are required to notify the FabFurnish.com within forty eight hours of delivery. The refunds will be processed by the FabFurnish.com within a maximum of seven business days of receipt of the product by FabFurnish.com.

#16 Wayfair.com

wayfair.com is an American based e-commerce platform that starting online retailing from the furniture products and now has extended its services to various other products as well. wayfair.com has the finest collection of the products of the thousands of leading brands. On most of the items, free shipping is applicable. The front page of wayfair.com contains the information of the products available in the range of furniture, décor, bed & bath, kitchen, storage, outdoor, home improvement, baby & kids, seasonal items and much more. You can also explore the products by way of the room as well like products and services for the bedroom, living room, patio, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. A late of daily sales, simple sales, and clearance schemes are there to save more and get more. wayfair.com is a way to enjoy exclusive discounts on top brands, personalized service and custom order options. This online shopping portal that was once known as the provider of furniture products only is now more than just an online furniture store. With one of the largest online selections of home furnishings, home décor products, and a wide selection of furniture, wayfair.com allow its customers to find the perfect product at the right price. Free shipping is available subject to the condition of placing the order of $49 or more.

#17 Pepperfry.com

It is an online destination for furniture and home products. This online home improvement shopping sites delivers the best quality products at very economical rates. Being one of the most managed home product shopping portals, this online retailer known for delivering diversified products in the categories of home appliances, kitchen & outdoor, bathroom, furniture, home décor, lamps & lighting, kitchen & dining, appliances, housekeeping products and dozens of others. The exceptional about pepperfry.com is that you can here sell your own products as well. If is like creating an own digital market at the online shopping portal of the pepperfry.com. As a seller of the pepperfry.com, you will get the advantages of selling your products on pepperfry.com, providing customer care support, enjoy the online listing and boost the sale. You will pay commission to pepperfry.com when you sell. Currently, pepperfry.com is delivering its products in over 250 cities across the globe. The shipment in case of prepaid orders will be made free in all prescribed places of the pepperfry.com. You can also avail the part pay service as well in which you can pay 25% in advanced and rest upon getting the delivery. However, in part pay system you will be not offered with free delivery. In the case of making the return you can hassle-free returns within seven days from the delivery.

#18 Menards.com

Menards.com is an online retailer of home improvement and high-quality DIY products. The web interface of Menards.com is arranged into a special order where the information about any product can be avail easily. The products available for sale at the online shopping portal of Menards.com are designed into an order. The main departments for shopping at the online shopping center of the Menards.com are appliances, bath, building materials, doors, windows, flooring & rugs, grocery, housewares, kitchen, heating & cooling, maintenance, repairing tools, outdoor products, paint, plumbing, storage and much more. For the information of the readers in certain cases, certain items may require an additional and nonrefundable processing fee. This is a small fee that covers packaging and handling of the order made. However, you will be notified in advanced in these cases and the amount will be reflected in the total amount during check out time. The returns can also be made in the case of not getting the appropriate order. However, in the case of refunding the special order, 25% amount will be deductible as a restocking fee. Moreover, in all other cases, the buyer is required to return an item purchased from Menards.com within ninety days of receipt sale. The terms and conditions of Menards.com are a little complex. You are required to remain careful while shopping with Menards.com.