Wix.com Alternatives


#1 Shopify.com

Shopify.com is the name of ecommercing platform setting system that assists the willing retailers to create their own shopping store. The platform of Shopify.com also contains the ready to use ecommerce platform as well that requires to kind of setup at all. Simply create your online shop simply utilizing the tools of Shopify.com and start selling instantly. What makes the Shopify.com different way is the availability of those developing tools that allow the users to build successful online business. Check out the sales channels that will be available at your disposal will be online store, point of sale, buy button, Pinterest buyable pins, Twitter buy now, Facebook shop and various other enterprise level of feature and functions. Shopify.com is the home for ecommerce business that will allow you to get even free online marketing tips and resources as well. Shopify.com is available in four plans that are Shopify Lite, Shopify Basic, Shopify Pro and Shopify Unlimited that are available against monthly prices of $9, $29, $79 and $179. The features of all vary as per plan.

#2 Bigcommerce.com

Bigcommerce.com is the provider of ecommerce software that is designed to create online retailing and shopping platform. It is said to be all in one professional level of ecommerce platform designed to assist the willing users in growing their business by making an impactful online presence. The best about Bigcommerce.com is that it is not a platform that is designed for creating ecommercing platform. What make Bigcommerce.com special one are the extra services that Bigcommerce.com offers to its customers in shape of assisting them in getting more traffic, impactful conversation and unmatched performance from the online store. Before going for the premium version of Bigcommerce.com, you can check the features and functions of Bigcommerce.com on fourteen day trial period. Checkout the resources that will be available at your disposal are app store, access to leading external software, theme store with beautiful design templates, partner services, case studies, access to ecommerce blog and much more. The price of Bigcommerce.com range from $29.95 to $199.95 and custom order based pricing. From standard to unlimited, you can expect variety of stores from Bigcommerce.com.


#3 Volusion.com

Volusion.com is a web based platform known as solution provider of online shopping and retailing. Volusion.com is the set of ecommerce software that are designed to for those who are looking for the ways to create online shopping store. Volusion.com is the name of highly personalized ecommerce software that makes the users able to easily create their online store by simply utilizing the ecommercing software of the Volusion.com. Before going for the commercial version of Bigcommerce.com, you can check the features and functions of Volusion.com on fourteen day trial period without the requirement of credit card. Just check out the services being offered by the Volusion.com; beautiful premium level of templates, web design packages, marketing tools, social media tools, credit card processing system, SSL certificates, live chat system and various other business tools to grow you sales and increase the return on investment. The main highlighted features of the Volusion.com are availability of professional store builder, user friendly design, traffic tools, ecommerce system to manage inventory, secure hosting and dozens of others.

#4 Squarespace.com

SquareSpace.com is an ecommerce website and blog building system to enable you create online store and grow your business. Everything that you need from ready to go to the customizable tools are the part of SquareSpace.com to make you able to build your online store within minutes. Free trail without the requirement of credit card is also available for those who want to check the services of SquareSpace.com in advance. In addition to online store, SquareSpace.com also offers the other users to create the websites of their websites as well to make a powerful impact over others. Online selling is although a widely used medium to grow the sales but at the same time it requires careful planning as well. The interface and feature of your online store must be as per the requirements of your customers. SquareSpace.com is a platform that will tell you what are the customer preferences prevailing in the market and then will make it easy for you to sell online. By deploying the tools of SquareSpace.com, you can easily create the ecommerce websites.


#5 Sparkpay.com

From flexibility to professional level of business tools, SparkPay.com is the provider of integrated business solution to create a professional level of business platforms. This platform support for creating the multiple online stores at the same time. Simply move to the website SparkPay.com and start creating an online store. If you want to explore the features of SparkPay.com without paying anything then trial period is also available. First of all, SparkPay.com allows its users to create a professional online shopping website with the Spark Pay system. The website management tools of SparkPay.com are integrated with powerful inventory features and payment solutions and those tools that will make it simple for you to sell online. You will be provided with the advantages of Omni Channels to connect with your customers all the time. The international presence making system of SparkPay.com allows its users to sell their products anywhere. Check out the features of SparkPay.com is free themes, mobile commerce, store management, order & shopping, marketing & SEO tools, reports generating, security tools, etc.

#6 Lemonstand.com

For those who want to enjoy the features of marketing tools in addition to enjoying the ecommerce platform will surely like the ecommerce software of LemonStand.com. LemonStand.com is for those retailers who want to create their online store in order to sell more and to the more customers. It is a way to sell more and rank higher with the customizable feature of LemonStand.com. The universal ecommerce software of LemonStand.com is available for all then is it agencies, brands, or web developers who want to create online stores just because of stand highlighted out from the crowd and get more return on investment. LemonStand.com will never force you to utilize the ready to use tools of LemonStand.com; rather it will permit you to customize the design of your online store to create a buying experience for all those devices that the customers will lover. From ready to use tools to customizable designs, LemonStand.com is a feature pack ecommercing platform to generate amazing web based shopping experience. You will enjoy the flexibility system of LemonStand.com to build a unique online store.

#7 3dcart.com

3dCart.com is feature pack ecommercing software designed to create a unique level of online shopping portal. 3dCart.com is the name of all in one ecommerce solution that offers you fifteen day trial period before going for its premium versions. The services and resources available by the 3dCart.com are shopping cart software, point of sale system, enterprise ecommerce, ecommerce web design, ecommerce marketing, SSL certificates, payment system, theme store, and app store. All these features will be at your disposal in order to make you able to create a unique level of online shopping portal. This feature rich ecommerce software in addition to providing the ready to use tools, believe in delivering customizable features as well so that you can develop your site easily as per your own liking. 3dCart.com available in five plans that are 3dCart Nano, 3dCart Mini, 3dCart Starter, 3dCart Professional and 3dCart Professional Plus. All these versions are available against per month price of $9.99, $19.99, $35.99, $65.99 and $99.99. The common features among all these plans are that all requires to transaction and setup fee. However, the other features vary from one plan to another one.

#8 Bigcartel.com

BigCartel.com is an online shopping store builder that is offering its services to all kind of online retailers. For its easy to use tools, resources and online retailing options, BigCartel.com is being used by thousands of online retailers across the globe to manage their online stores and selling more. By joining the portal of BigCartel.com for developing own online store, you can also delight your customers and can manage your business as per your own requirements. What make the BigCartel.com special one is the availability of tools that are highly customizable and make the users able to customize every part of their online store from images to colors and fonts to options in order to get the best output. You will be provided with the pre made themes as well. You can also create your own as well by tweaking the JavaScript, CSS and HTML directly. This ecommerce platform provide the right mix of real time stats, SEO tools, order management system, promotional tolls and much more that will make the efficient running of online store possible for you.

#9 Corecommerce.com

CoreCommerce.com is an online ecommerce platform that integrates the technical features like support for FTP access, share SSL and support for the third party applications. First of all there is affordability of CoreCommerce.com that can be bear by any willing user. Then comes the entrepreneurial level of feature and functions of CoreCommerce.com that itself are very accomplishing. All these features collectively make the CoreCommerce.com an easy to use and comprehensive online trading platform to create store of all types and sell products of all types. Amongst a lot of features, the main highlighted feature of CoreCommerce.com is its integration with third party software and applications. CoreCommerce.com is among those ecommerce software that have more integrations and provide the even shopping carts as well. It support for multiple international currencies and languages so that you can create your online store as per your own requirement. This ecommerce platform comes with a lot of free themes that are highly responsive at the same time as well. Moreover, a various type of marketing and SEO tools are also the part of the CoreCommerce.com.

#10 Prestashop.com

PrestaShop.com is an ecommerce platform for creating online shopping platform. This online system support for the creating of shopping cart as well. By using this platform, you will come into position of ecommerce website and start selling in an online environment across the globe. In addition to using the ready to use tools, PrestaShop.com support for the customization of its features and tools as well. Resources available at PrestaShop.com are trainings, modules, themes, switch to PrestaShop, newsletter, documentation and status checking. The availability of various beautiful commerce templates provide a range of selection to the users to find the right designs that suits more to your brand and even develop your own by using the customizable tools of PrestaShop.com. The platform created via PrestaShop.com even support for the mobile devices as well. In short, from all network devices, PrestaShop.com will display the professional looking environment. Most of the designing features and templates in PrestaShop.com are available for free.

#11 Magento.com

Magento.com is a ecommerce software and ecommerce platform that delivers the solutions for growing the online business in addition to making the impactful online presence. The products being offered by the Magento.com are enterprise cloud edition, enterprise edition, community edition, commerce order management, order management, business to business solution, Magento for fashion and Magento for small business. Now check out the resources that will be at your disposal are customization tools, consulting services, PayPal integration, business resources, resource center, technical resources, enterprise edition support, security center, certification and learning courses. Magento.com is one of the leading online ecommerce creating platforms for open Omni Channel innovation. The cloud based and open source digital ecommerce platform of Magento.com and then the solutions of Omni Channel system empower the online retailers to integrate their physical and digital shopping experience at a centralize platform. Before going for the commercial version of Magento.com you can schedule for the demo of Magento.com as well to explore its features in advance. Magento.com is one of the best ecommerce software and ecommerce platforms.

#12 Miva.com

Miva.com is an online ecommerce shopping cart software and hosting platform that contains solutions from creating of ecommerce website to hosting of ecommerce platform. Miva.com is widely regarded as the flexible and secure ecommerce platform over the internet that will allow you create your online store. A lot of ecommerce software are there over internet then the question arises why to use the Miva.com. The answer is the features that are being offered by the Miva.com. The three basic advantages of using Miva.com are engaged the customers all the time, deliver the superior B2C & B2B and automated back-end workflows system. The scalable tools of Miva.com will make you able to grow your business and enjoy the features of high volume transactions, back office integration and logic-based templates. Check out the features of Miva.com that are ready to use themes, ready to use templates, enterprise grade merchandising, store setup, store management, inventory tracking, order tracking, payment solution and much more. In short, this platform is one of the best ecommerce solutions for creating small to large online shopping store.

#13 Fastspring.com

FastSpring.com is a universal level of ecommercing platform that provides a cloud based and solution for international online merchandising and trading. It will make you able to sell each type of your product from desktop software to digital level of products in an online environment just like physical shop. The ecommercing system of FastSpring.com is particualarly designed for those retailers haivign IT background. For the support of these users, FastSpring.com provide the various developer tools to make the users able to make professional level of online digital store. After creating the ecommercing platform by using the FastSpring.com, you will be able to easily sell your digital products like apps, SAAS, subscription based products, software and other digital products. Global solutions for global businesses in a flexible customs options is the specialty of the FastSpring.com that delivers the ready to use and own custom shop to create own tools as well. Here is the list of available options; multiple currency options, payment methods & security, development support, subscription models, recurring billing, customization, in app purchases, purchase fulfillment options, etc.

#14 Avangate.com

Avangate.com is a solution for digital store and marketing that solve the issues of ecommerce platform and subscription based systems. Based on the comprehensive features of SAAS and online digital marketing solutions, Avangate.com allows its users to power their ecommerce platforms by simply using the professional tools of the Avangate.com. The products being offered by the Avangate.com are ecommerce manager, subscription billing, channel manager, affiliate network, global payments, technology and various online other services. Everything you need to create a powerful online store is the part of Avangate.com that will make you able to sell more, get more, accept global payments, increase channel sales, automate billing & renewals, optimize commerce operations, tools to eliminate commerce chaos and service your customers as individuals. Among a lot of problems, the problem of online payment is a matter of concern and even the leading ecommercing platforms are deprived of the solutions of this issue. At Avangate.com you will be first provided with the payment solutions to get out of the gate and then the addition features will make you able to control your commerce in a more professional way.

#15 Demandware.com

Demandware.com is an all in one integrated platform that will make you able to increase the upfront with the increase in number of customers. Based on the agile and scalable technologies, Demandware.com is listed among the leading ecommercing software and platform that enables the online retailers to achieve growth with strategy. Whether you want to approach the local customer or want to get the international customer, Demandware.com deliver a best shopping experience that it personalized and uniquely on-brand as well. Demandware.com is the provider of those tools that will make you able to unleash your growth and enjoy the speed of your deployment and get a competitive edge over the market. Exceptional time to value, continuous & seamless innovation, one engaged & connected community and committed to client success are the main advantages that you will enjoy by simply using the Demandware.com. Demandware.com is a way to engage and inspire your customers across any device from desktop based system to smartphone.