WordTrip Alternatives


#1 Game of Words


Game of Words is a brilliant new puzzle game that brings exciting new puzzle levels and real word puzzle fun for everyone who loves crossword or word puzzles. Game of Words: Free Word Games & Puzzles is an exceptional platform presented in the market by DreamLoft Inc. that starts with a simple word scramble to exciting brain teasers. You can enjoy more than 3500 free word games that boost your mental skills and vocabulary and put your ability to test.

Game of Words: Cross and Connect enable you to relax and unwind a bit with exclusive word games in amazing settings. You can precisely enhance your vocab and word puzzle ability with exciting crossword puzzles. It enables you to compete against global rivals and against your friends to build your way to top. Game of Words: A Kingdom of Words Awaits enables you to solve exciting puzzles and earn rewards whenever, wherever.


#2 Word Shaker Free


Word Shaker Free is an elegantly designed word game with loads of exciting twists, developed in the market by AFKSoft Inc. Word Shaker Free enables you to earn real points by discovering words in those engaging and beautiful grids. Each of the letters presented in the grid has a particular value, and you can earn as much bonus as you want by forming short or long words. It features grid sizes from 8×8 and 4×4, and you can choose whatever you want.

You can also enjoy time-based scenarios up to 30, 15, 10, 5, 3, and 1 minutes along with relaxing unlimited games. It features text-to-speech functionality, shakes to shuffle letters, fast unlimited board generator, easy and smooth word circling, options to turn on-off sounds, manage voice, and more. Word Shaker Free is surely for you if you love playing word games like Boggle and Scrabble and want to have real fun.

#3 WordBrain 2


WordBrain 2 enables its global users to discover finding hidden words, see the puzzle collapse, and swipe your fingers over them to have real fun. WordBrain 2: Play over 1000 themed puzzles is a stunning game that enables you to make words just b swiping words available on mobile screens.

You can complete all its engaging levels with themed puzzles and advance word Newbie to a super word mastermind. WordBrain 2: Fun word search is a free-to-play game that brings more than 100 unique themes to have a unique atmosphere than ever.


#4 Codeword Puzzles (Crosswords)


Codeword Puzzles (Crosswords) is a magnificent gaming platform that brings highly curated, engaging crossword puzzles right over your mobile screens. Codeword Puzzles (Crosswords) is a stunning game developed in the market by LR Studios that provides hundreds of free puzzles and keeps on adding two puzzles on a daily basis. It is similar to crosswords where each letter is replaced by a number from 1-26 instead of clues to discover which letter each number represents.

You can enjoy several levels of difficulty, from beginners to hard, and you can enjoy every bit of it. You can enjoy the availability of several languages to play these engaging crossword puzzles. Some of its mix of grid styles includes American, French, Italian, and various others. You can also enjoy many settings, features, and customization options to let you have the feel of the grid. Codeword Puzzles game lets you enjoy hundreds of free puzzles right under one platform.

#5 Wordscapes Search


Wordscapes Search is a significant platform that enables you to exercise your brain, expand your vocabulary, relax your mind, and have quality learning time. Wordscapes Search – Scenic & Fun Word Puzzles is a classy platform presented by PeopleFun Inc. that brings incredibly addicting word search puzzles that boost your brain. You can connect letters to discover new and exciting words on the board and sail through dozens of classic levels.

It enables you to challenge your vocabulary and brain, more than 1K puzzle board levels, and tons of unique boosters as well as power-ups to discover words whenever you get stuck. You can also enjoy finding extra new bonus points and other rewards by learning extra words. So just download the Wordscapes Search – Scenic and Fun Word Puzzles and escape and train your mind by enjoying plenty of incredible destinations of Wordscapes Search.

#6 Letterpress


Letterpress enables its global users to enjoy an award-winning, two-player word game valuable for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. Letterpress – Word Game is a superb platform presented in the market by Solebon LLC that brings a significantly made word game loved worldwide. You can enjoy playing loads and loads of amazing puzzle levels curated, especially for kids and adults. Letterpress game is free and fully features a gaming platform that can be played against friends and global rivals.

You can let the game follow discover plenty of challengers and opponents from its bot players. You can enjoy chatting in real-time with other rivals, dictionaries powers, and track your play with leaderboards and statistics. You can also enjoy group playing while having group-level leaderboards, stats, and great features. Letterpress – Capture the most tiles to win! Game brings many other free customizations and loads of exclusive features right under one platform.

#7 The Big Crossword


The Big Crossword game enables its global players to enjoy playing the world’s most engaging, biggest, and best single crosswords right over their Android or iOS platforms. The Big Crossword – Biggest Single Grid Crossword is a significant game developed in the market by Teazel Ltd Inc. that brings a series of highly curated single crosswords along with a collection of more than 1200 clues under a single grid.

It brings a Quest mode where each clue is crafted carefully into a corresponding quest and lets you enjoy more than 80 quests to complete. It also brings a classic mode that enables you to play ordinary crosswords as others do. The Big Crossword – Biggest single grid crossword game lets you watch reward advents, buy coins for hints by the in-app purchases, and earn extra rewards by playing these engaging puzzles on a daily basis.

#8 Astro Words


Astro Words lets you try out a significant amount of relaxing puzzles to play a word game that you can enjoy before. Astro Words enables you to match colors and start making words to blast through a series of challenging levels. You can enjoy loads of exciting levels curated for its global users, outstanding bonuses, various rewards, and daily challenges to have real fun daily.

It brings new word challenges and various game boards with unique obstacles for word game lovers. You can enjoy Land Alien Ships, Point Challenges, Destroy Rocks, Create Long Paths, Clear Space Dust, and much more. You can also purchase power-ups and upgrades within the app to help you along your journey. So just give a chance to download the Astro Words game over your cell phones and tablets and have fun with playing dozens of engaging puzzles whenever you want.

#9 Word Crossy


Word Crossy game enables its global users to train their brain, enjoy 1080p level high definition graphics, sleek and engaging sound, and relax your mind in the best possible way. Word Crossy is a stunning game presented in the market by Betta Games Inc. that enables you to collect as much golden piggy as you can to become the master of the word. It contains a collection of more than 5700 exciting arrays of levels that are suitable for people of all ages.

You can elegantly complete the set of tasks that it brings to all its global players to boost their creativity and imagination in the best possible way. You can also enjoy competing against global rivals every week and boost your rank intuitively. Word Crossy game brings tons of additional levels, missions, excitement, rewards, and loads of fun right on the palm of your hand.

#10 Word Craze


Word Craze lets you enjoy a dose of word craze where you can follow Ann’s journey, experience the customs from multiple countries, come and check out dozens of interesting things. Word Craze – Fun Puzzle & Brain Training Game is a powerful platform presented by Betta Games that brings dozens of newly designed puzzles right on the palm of your hands. This elegant game enables you to exercise your brain, non-stop challenges for you to learn, and relax your mind in the best possible way.

Word Craze – Crossword Puzzle brings various challenging levels that help you boost your creativity and learning skills. You can precisely discover answers by looking at pics to challenge your mind creatively. Word Craze – Fun Puzzle and Brain Training Game provides more trivial levels, acquire new knowledge, beat levels to obtain book buddies, and acquire new knowledge.

#11 Clue Word 2


Clue Word 2 brings a brand new and excellent way to solve loads of highly engaging and specially curated crossword puzzles over your cell phones and tablets. Clue Word 2 is a powerful platform presented in the market by Pokami Inc. that lets you tap a tile to rotate it and drag it to switch space for getting things done. The game contains many broken crossword puzzles, and players intending to reconstruct it with a bunch of given clues.

You can flawlessly rotate and swap all the crossword tiles all over the board and get the precise word in the best possible way. It also carries a puzzle maker editor that enables everyone to create puzzles to share with family/friends. Clue Word 2 is a must-have word puzzle game that is significant for the lovers of anagrams, word search, crosswords, and word game lovers from all across the globe.

#12 Words with Friends – Word Game


Words with Friends is an engaging platform where you can enjoy playing the most popular ad sleekly designed mobile word game right over your cell phones and tablets. Words with Friends – Word Game is an exclusive word game presented in the market by Zynga Inc., where you can enjoy trying loads of amazing rewards and boost. You can enjoy playing smarter and faster word puzzles and boost your mind and creativity in the best possible way.

It is a fun, engaging, and free word puzzle game that enables you to make an instant connection with family and friends while expanding your vocabulary and sharpening your mental skills. You can challenge friends to beat the clock, play offline, uncover the best word, get heat map support, and sharpen your skills intuitively. Words with Friends – Word Game brings many weekly challenges where you can earn themed, fun badges.

#13 Word Nut


Word Nut is an exciting and engaging word game that brings plenty of easy, engaging, and then highly difficult levels as you go through the game. Word Nut: Word Puzzle Games & Crosswords is an elegantly designed tool presented in the market by Super Nutty Games LLC through which you can enjoy dozens of engaging word levels that boosts your creativity and sharpen your brain. You can precisely collect letters to form concise characters to form hidden word matches in the best possible direction.

You can enjoy finding as many words as possible to level up the next stages and earn real bonus rewards on every move. It allows you to fill in every word to earn bonus coins and start discovering hidden words. Word Nut: Word Puzzle Games and Crosswords game brings a collection of more than 1K levels to play word games and over 500 coins on every stage.

#14 Languinis


Languinis is a stunning platform that helps you solve the most stimulating, engaging, and complex word puzzles over your cell phones and tablets. Languinis is a superb tool presented in the market by Tilting Point, which lets you test your vocabulary skills by discovering tons of engaging puzzles. It is an excellent word searching game in more than 100 countries by providing more than 1K challenging and addictive word games with match-three twists.

It contains endless word making hours of All Ages, cranium busting, brain training, and non-stop fun. The app enables you to challenge yourself with word games, crosswords, intense spelling games, and level up from easy, medium, and difficult at the end. You can enjoy adorable characters in ultra 3D graphics, and you can even share your accomplishments with others. Languinis is a perfect word gaming simulation for kids, teenagers, and adults to play engaging and exciting puzzles whenever, wherever.

#15 Words with Friends 2 Word Game


Words with Friends 2 Word Game is one of the most engaging, magnificent, and world best popular mobile word game that brings dozens of engaging puzzles right over your cell phones and tablets. Words with Friends 2 – Free Multiplayer Word Games is a fascinating platform presented in the market by Zynga Inc. that brings a plethora of word puzzles as well as word games to play with buddies and family members while boosting your brain.

You can also make an instant connection with all your loved ones, show off your spelling skill, and enhance your vocabulary in the best possible way. You can enjoy playing against themed WordMaster characters to test and enhance your word skills, vocabulary, spelling, and brain. Words with Friends 2 is a perfect word puzzle and crossword game that is free and easy to play but hard to master all those highly curated puzzles.

#16 100 PICS Word Search Puzzles


100 PICS Word Search Puzzles app enables all the word puzzle and crossword game lovers to enjoy playing word search puzzles along with a mix of exclusive pics for clues. 100 PICS Word Search Puzzles is a stunning platform presented by Poptacular that features word search with pics, thousands of puzzles, and hundreds of topics. Over this classic word search puzzle, users can enjoy more than 10,000-word search puzzle games along with more than a hundred categories of word search puzzles.

You just have to look at the pic clues then search for the right words as much as you can. This awesome tool helps you look at all the pics that it brings and then look for the correct answers. After guessing the pic puzzle, you have to search for as many words as you can. So just download the 100 PICS Word Search Puzzles game and enjoy the most flawless word search game.

#17 Words of Wonders


Words of Wonders app enables its global users to play the magical word game and enjoy finding dozens of words and solve uncovered mysteries. Words of Wonder: Match Puzzle is an elegantly designed tool developed in the market by PopReach Incorporated Inc. that enables you to discover magical word puzzles to earn high scores. You can effortlessly create combos to unlock excellent word bursts and enjoy tons of new levels every month.

You can play a bunch of more than 600 engaging word game levels and compete with your buddies. It contains a beautiful storyline, great level maps, cool power-ups, strategic score bonuses, and instant sharing of progress with FB. You can also connect the game with Facebook to discover your Facebook friends who are already in the game. So just download the Words of Wonder: Match Puzzle game over your cell phones to try your strategy over tons of challenging word levels.

#18 7 Little Words: Word Puzzles


7 Little Words is a superbly made crossword game through which you can enjoy crossword puzzles, anagrams, trivia quizzes, word finds, and everything you are looking for in crossword games. 7 Little Words: Word Puzzles is a sleek platform presented in the market by Blue Ox Family Games, Inc. that enables you to loads of engaging puzzles. Each of its highly curated puzzles consists of almost 7 clues, 20 tiles, and seven mystery words with groups of letters.

It is a fun, challenging, and easy to lean puzzle game from the creators of Red Herring and Monkey Wrench. You can enjoy more than 25 levels for free, loads of theme puzzles, a collection of Spanish and Australian puzzles, fill-in-the-blank puzzles, and much more. So just download 7 Little Words: A fun twist on crossword puzzles over phones and tablets to start to unscramble the letters tiles and solving the clues to discover the puzzle answer.

#19 Word Connect by Zentertain


Word Connect by Zentertain app enables its global users to enjoy the real fun of classic word games developed in the market by ZenLife Games. Word Connect by Zentertain game enables you to swipe the letter blocks and build words to grab tons of coins whenever you want. You can elegantly discover clues to solve these engaging crossword puzzles. You can effectively train your brain and become the word master without paying for anything.

It brings authoritative dictionaries (powered by Oxford Dictionaries) and addictive gameplay, where you can enjoy swiping letters to build real and organic words. It provides many more than 100K levels, plenty of modes, daily bonuses, vintage style, group playing, alternative themes, hidden bonuses, and offline mode. So just download Word Connect by Zentertain game over your cell phones and tablets and start your word story along with having the real joy of brainstorm whenever you want.

#20 Word Collect: Word Games


Word Collect: Word Games brings the most exciting bunch of free word nerds that starts easy word rounds that become harder round by round. Word Collect – Free Word Games is an elegantly designed game developed by Super Lucky Games LLC, which brings dozens of exciting word levels to sharpen your memory and ultimately boost your skills. You have to connect letters in your desired direction to form the hidden word matches in the most precise way.

You can discover as many words as you can and level up to earn bonus rewards. It brings daily bonus coins for free hints, more than 9000 exciting levels, free 500 coins at the first-word game, easy to play scenario, offline or online support, and daily challenge give you more free words. Word Collect – Free Word Games is one of the best free word game significant for word search addicts, game fans, and more.

#21 New York Times Crossword


New York Times Crossword enables its global users to enjoy solving dozens of engaging and highly curated puzzles printed on daily newspapers in this app. NYTimes – Crossword is a superb tool presented in the market by The New York Times Company that enables you to start playing with unlimited access to engaging puzzles daily. You can also subscribe for flawless and endless to daily puzzles for a week for free and subscribe for full access to the crossword over your Android devices.

After subscription, you can play stuff anywhere and get unlimited access to its amazing collection of puzzles whenever you dare to solve them. You can easily create an account and track or take your progress with you across many devices. New York Times Crossword app provides many exciting mini puzzles that are sweet and short and are available every day without any need for a subscription.

#22 Wurdle


Wurdle is an excellent, sleekly designed, and fast-paced word game perfect for instant coffee breaks, during short tea pause, or whenever you have spare time to have fun. Wurdle is a sleekly designed gaming app developed and created in the market by Kittehface Software, where you have to discover and trace as many words as you can before the time runs out.

You can intuitively shake your board to mix up the tiles whenever you can’t discover any word anymore. This is an elegantly designed word game that brings online achievements and leaderboards through Google Game services. The game features full support for both tablets and mobile phones, untimed mode, and extreme level customization for your display with multiple colors and designs of tiles.