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#1 is a cricket score focused websites that provide the live scores of the domestic and international cricket matches. It is a totally free website that can be access from any part of the world. This cricket specific website is listed among the top single spot cricket website in the world. For its stunning features and functions, is daily visited by the millions of visitors on daily basis. The specialty of is that it delivers the cricket news of all boards, live ball by ball score and coverage, and articles over the cricket by the leading cricket of the gurus. The other best thing about is that it also provides the detailed statistics of the almost 3,000 international cricket players and almost 50,000 first class cricketers of the world. You will always find from here the best information in the cricket. The free live score widget of is also available for those who want to embed the live cricket scores system in their website. One specialty of about which still most of its visitors are unaware is its shopping portal that deals in the accessories regarding cricket. Online shopping system with the best payment and shipment system is being offered by the In short, is one of the best cricket specific website from where you can get all information about cricket and ball by ball live coverage of ongoing matches either international or domestic one.

#2 is a website designed for the cricket lovers from where you can get the free information about cricket news, schedules and live cricket scores. Either it is about international cricket tournament, league matches or any special series, provide the ball by ball coverage of the almost all matches. The simple and easy to understand navigation system of make its visitors able to easily navigate to any section of this website. is distributed into the departments of live scores, schedule, archives, mews, series, teams, videos, photos, and various other information that are directly or indirectly linked to the cricket. If you want to know the exact detail of any ongoing domestic league or international cricket you will get complete information from here. This information will be arranged in the departments of schedule, points table, teams, stats, news, history, venues, videos and wicket zones. Those who like to read the opinions and views of the cricket pundits will find this platform suitable for this purpose. There is a little disadvantage of in case of using it for domestic matches. is not as much good in case of covering the domestic matches except league matches like Indian Premier League, Big Bash and likewise other renowned cricket premier leagues and matches. Every information available at is free to access and share with others.



PakPassion is the biggest cricket related forum around the world which is specific to Pakistan and its cricket. It can be considered a website or forum where cricket related activities take place and people are able to get information about different cricket topics. This site has discussion boards ranging from local cricket, to Pakistan cricket and international cricket. Although it focuses more on Pakistan it does not mean there is no other things to read. There are many feature for people who want to enjoy it such as forums where they can post a question or an interesting stat and then other people can comment on that activity and a complete discussion can start. Regular interviews are conducted by this site of players who have played international cricket. In some cases, they just focus on Pakistan and players experience while playing for or against the team. But in most cases it concentrates on helping new cricketers to get known by people. Another feature of this website is the polls which are there for people to select the best option for the question that is asked. It has a big social media presence and from there, it has been able to capture the interest of people. This is the reason it is included in the 1000 most visited sites in Pakistan while it is also included in the most visited sites in the United Kingdom since it is operated from the country. In 2010 it was voted the 4th most famous website by Telegraph Newspaper readers. It has now introduced live text updates when it comes to cricket matches so that people can stay updated while it has the rights for media accreditation for all the major cricket tournaments around the world. Many former cricketers who are from Pakistan, write regular columns for this site and all these features make it one of the best choices for cricket fans around the world.


Cricket Australia is a website related to Australian cricket and all the activities related to it. The site is run by the Australian Cricket Board which is now also known as Cricket Australia and is responsible for all the related activities going on in the country. There are many features on the site for people to enjoy. For example, they can get exclusive content about Australian cricketers in the form of news and profiles along with interviews. The site used to focus just on the local cricket but recently has started getting involved with cricket all over the world which has increased its importance in a short space of time. The site is very active on social medias where it engages audience from around the globe. The main aim still is to promote Australian cricket, many tournaments that take place in the country are telecast live and text updates are shown on the website. It has now added a special page for Big Bash, Australian league cricket tournament for the shortest cricket format. Here, people can get to know all the information about it and have access to exclusive content such as videos, funny pics, stats and interviews. Regional cricket is also a focus and age group cricket trials and tournaments are regularly advertised on the site. There are many other features too, for example people can participate in polls where they can pick the choice that seems better to them and then the results are shared with everyone on the choice majority makes. It has also asked cricketers from other countries to write on their platform and also gives special importance to news that are most trending in the spots. That has made it one of the most visited sports site in the country and has been gaining more fame in other cricket playing countries.


#5 is another cricket related website which is restricted in a way that it focuses on all the action taking place in the United Kingdom specific to cricket. There are many options for people to make use of. Tickets for all the international and domestic matches can be bought here at good prices. People can also register to this platform to access many other features such as live video, wicket alerts, highlights, analysis and other features. The site has contract signed with Sky Sports which owns the right to all the live action and has small highlight package for the website. The site is run by England Cricket Board and is the official platform where people can get the see exclusive content such as interviews and debates regarding cricket. It also focuses on the domestic and age group cricket and people who want their kids to play or become a cricketer themselves can visit this site to get registered for a program or get to know about the tournaments in which they participate. The site has a big social networking presence and has been able to attract viewers from around the world, especially the ones who are visiting the country. People can participate in polls where they can pick the choice that seems better to them and then the results are shared with everyone on the choice majority makes. Many famous England crickets write regular columns on this site from which people can get valuable insight on the latest issues and the teams which are touring the country. The site manages the cricket affairs of England and Wales only and helps to promote their activities and official programs all around the world. Overall the site has many features which can be helpful for people who are interested in cricket overall or just in Britain.


ICC Cricket is the most authentic site when it comes to the latest cricket news and the changes taking place in the world since it the place of International Cricket Council, which runs all the cricket affairs in the world. The main feature like any other place is news, you can get the latest and the most authentic news happening the world of cricket at this platform since all the actions and changes which take place are approved by the main body. There is also a separate section for fixtures where you can get the latest schedule of all the matches that are being played and the future tour program which has the map of all the series that are to be played in the future. Then comes the result section where people can see the results of the matches and series that have been played and their effect on the world rankings. The next section is the rankings where the latest rankings of players and teams from both men and women are present, there is also a rankings predictor where people can select the result of matches and see how it will change their team’s position. Then follows the events section where the latest action, debates, meetings that take place within the ICC are shown with their summaries. The sections of videos and photos are the most famous ones where people can get to see the images of their favorite player and the cricket matches being played and videos in the form of interviews of fact profile about a particular player. People can also use the shop section to buy stuff that is approved by the international cricket council and includes bats, gears and other stuff signed or used by famous players. Overall, this site has all the tools that a person needs to get the most authentic experience related to cricket activities around the world.


The Cricket Monthly is an online and print magazine that focuses on all the details related to cricket and brings you the best available material on the internet. The magazine has been originated from ESPN Cricinfo which is the most authentic and visited site related to cricket in the world. It was started just recently but has been able to make its name in a short space of time. It is just available in India as a print version but people can access it through the web on their laptops easily. The main drawback of this platform, for now, is that there is no proper mobile version of it but most of the articles can be read on the Cricinfo mobile app. The other thing about the website is that you have to register yourself in order to read some of the stuff and you can access the main articles only if you are subscribed to the website. The signing up process is simple you can do so with the help of your email address of social networking account while to get full access there needs to be a payment made which is not that much. Most of the famous cricketing writers from around the world use this platform to express their views on different topics in the world of cricket. This can include articles on a favorite cricketer, something related to the ongoing series played around the world, an event from the past or the rankings. There are many other features too which can help people have an enjoyable experience, for example, the monthly cartoon which expresses something in a funny way and has become one of the most-read features online. Overall, it is the best internet related magazine when it comes to cricket and has the most in-depth articles written in the field and is a good choice for any cricket frantic.


All Out Cricket is one the oldest and most read cricket magazines on the online and print platform around the world. The site operates from the United Kingdom and has been able to maintain its name as the best place for cricket related activities happening all over the world. It was started in 2002 as a print version magazine by two sports writer with the headquarters in London but quickly moved to the internet as well as most of the public began to get interested in the online stuff. There are many features which can interest people who are interested n the sport and want a place where they can get the best stuff to read when they decide to spend their time. There are the match coverage of all the international matches being played around the world while ball by ball commentary of England matches is also there for people to enjoy. You can also get to read latest interviews from the most famous players in the world of cricket and read blog posts by famous sports writers and ex-players. Podcast and Video analysis and views are also present with people interested in listening to stuff can enjoy weekly stuff. There are many other options too such as playing fantasy league where people can select players from a pool and then get points related to their performance over the course of series. It has some exclusive features as well, for example, top 1o, where the top 10 lists of famous events, players, stats, etc. are present for people to enjoy. The magazine is also present on the website but has to be accessed if you are subscribed to the print version or have paid the amount. The magazine has a significant internet presence and has been able to compete with other similar magazines for a long time.

#9 is the place where you can get all the cricket related activities and authentic news specific to Pakistan cricket. Since Pakistan has a significant population and cricket frenzies’ this site is one of the most visited around the world when it comes to the news which is directly from the PCB. The site is managed by Pakistan Cricket Board which runs all the affairs of the nation in cricketing matters. There are many features of the site which can be helpful for people in getting the information they need. For example, they can get exclusive content about Pakistani cricketers in the form of news and profiles along with interviews. The site used to focus just on the local cricket but recently has started getting involved with cricket all over the world which has increased its importance in a short space of time. The site is very active on social media where it engages the audience from the country but still has failed to grab the international audience. Information about all the domestic tournaments and the matches going on can be assessed from the site while most people like to participate in polls which are regularly updated for the interest of individuals. The main drawback of this platform, for now, is that there is no proper mobile version so people have to depend on the social networks or the web version for information. People can do a broad range of activities on the site, it also has a fantasy league where you can select different players in a team of eleven and then get points based on the performance of the players throughout the season. Overall, the site has many features that can keep Pakistani cricket fans engaged and that is the reason it is one of the most viewed sites related to sports in Pakistan.


Ten Cricket is the subsidiary of Ten Sports television network which holds the rights of many countries for showing their cricket matches to the local and international audience. The site is versatile where you can get to do many things, but the best one is the live steam option where people can watch latest cricket matches live on their devices. Another benefit of the site is that it has a mobile version so people can download it and access features and live streaming without having to log in their laptops. The signing up process is simple you can do so with the help of your email address of social networking account while to get full access there needs to be a payment made which is not that much, if you do so, you can watch a live stream of all the matches around the world. In the free version, people can only watch games played by their own team. People can select versions of the country where they are from and get the news tailored to that selection while there are also pages related to top cricket teams where information, news, views and features on a particular team are present. The main one is the live scores where all the latest international matches going on have latest scorecards and ball by ball commentary in some cases available for people. There is also a feature of playing fantasy league where people can add players of their own for a series and then get scores on how they perform in the match and overall in the tournament. People can also get updates about the latest round going on where latest news, views, pics and videos related to the particular selection are present. If you want to watch and enjoy cricket with the help of interactive tools, then this is the best site for you.