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Yahoo Finance Alternatives


#1 Bloomberg


Bloomberg is the world’s number one all in one business app. The app provides full real-time access to all business activities and news happening all over the world. This app is the monster app of the business community containing each and everything about the firm, stocks, currencies, commodities, etc. The app has a brilliant quality user interface and exceptional graphics, which takes the business dealing through the app to another level of perfection.

The user can create his customized watchlist and add mutual funds, currencies, ETFs, stocks, etc. The app is completely secure and provides full confidential assurance of the user’s data. The Industry, Location, and Asset filters are furnished by the app to the users so that they can keep an eye on the leaderboard, movements, and trends of the stock market.


#2 Scutify


Scutify is another application introduced in an entirely new way to recognize the market. It is an intelligent application through which you can not only make better collaboration with all the social media scuttlebutt on your most favourite brands, stocks, FX, Indexes, and other commodities. Scutify is a great app that lets you stay up to date with the current market summaries. It provides the most intuitive way to bring all the market details. Scutify is a famous application that helps you see what is happening in the tweets, news, and videos. It delivers an ultimate way to see which stock is trending and you can also follow your favourite stokes as well to see all the updates regarding their stuff. Scutify is a widely used application for investor trades, or any individual interested in markets. There are a huge number of amazing features of this app that not only let you learn, but you can also connect, trade, and prosper. This platform wants its users to learn from others, be on trends, and more sophisticatedly find an edge that they could not find anywhere else.

#3 TD Ameritrade


The TD Ameritrade is a traditional stock trading app developed by TD Ameritrade Mobile, LLC. The app is equipped with all the latest and best tools that are required for managing and trading the stocks. The app has a high build-up and alluring outlook, which gives the perfect professional look. The high definition graphics and smooth user interface of the app make it entirely convenient and useful for the user. The app claims to be the world’s most powerful trading platform. The app enables the user to stocks, provides access to the sophisticated options, forex, futures, and ETFs. The unique part of the app is that it provides access to the chat room, where the user can give his views on the trading and can share ideas and tips with other professionals. With the access to the real-time stock quotes and tickers, the app enables the user to sync his data with his other devices. The app is free of cost and is available for iOS and Android devices on iTunes and Google Play respectively and also for Windows phone.


#4 StockTwits


StockTwists Inc. It is a stock tracking and trading app developed by StockTwists Inc. The app enables the user to manage the stocks and their trading in a smart way. The app has crystal clear and natural user interface that takes the experience to the user at the top level. The app provides real-time stock quotes, Futures, tickers, etc. The app enables the user to create and manage his customized watch-list. The user can get tips from the analyzes thousands of investors and traders. The trending list of the app shows the info about the top stocks that are being discussed widely. The user can directly connect with the top dealers and get tips from them and could make better moves and take better decisions. The app notifies the user about all significant changes and fluctuations in the market. The app is free of cost and can be download from iTunes and Google Play for iOS and Android devices.

#5 Stock Market Free – Large Screen, Realtime Stocks, Charts, News


This app is a real splendid app for stock market developed by Excelsis Consulting. The app provides all info of the stock exchange to the user by just tapping the screen of their devices. The app has strong built-up and real-time graphics that enables the user to view stock market activities quite conveniently. The app provides everything like pre-market news, after-hour news and all charts regarding the stock. The user can synchronize his all other devices with the app and could deal more conveniently with the stocks. The app provides real-time stock charts and trends in the quality view so that the user can quickly look through them. The app is equipped with simple pinching and swiping gestures so that the user can quickly deal, customize and arrange the stocks according to the requirement. Real-time updates are given to the user about all the news and trends of the stock market. The app is free, but if the user wants to use some more features like unlimited tickers, unlimited sections or want to remove ads from the app then, he or she have to go for the in-app purchase. The app is available on iTunes for iOS devices.

#6 Stock Tracker: Real-time stocks & forex tracking, alert and portfolio management


Stock Tracker is the app for those who wants to be the king of the stock market. W. Tang develops this brilliant app. The app provides a complete real-time news of inventories. The prominent features of the app include multiple portfolios and various watch lists so that user can easily keep all the stock track in front of him. The app provides real- time alerts and real-time streaming quotes to the user. The user can approach the US Stock, Global Indexes & Currencies, etc. on the single go through this app. Stock screening and market individual scanning options are also there in the app for its users. The app shows all the Events, earnings, and news regarding inventories. 50+ indicators are attached to the charts that are displayed on the app. Pre-market price and after-hour are shown on the app without any delay. The prices of the stocks on the app are associated with the time so that user cannot mislead for a moment. The app is free and is available for iOS and Android devices on iTunes and Google Play respectively.

#7 MetaTrader 5


MetaTrader 5 is the stock managing app developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp. This app is the complete app that provides everything to the users so that they can handle and manage the assets on their devices. The app has brilliant graphics with a smooth and straightforward interface that encourages users to use the app without any hesitation.

The app offers different trade financial instruments that include Forex symbols, Futures, CFD, and many more others. The app connects the users to the broker’s server directly so that the users can access the currency quotes and stock prices. The app enables users to manage their financial activities using charts and indicators.

#8 StockStation


StockStation is an all-in-one app stock dealing and managing app developed by Mobile Interactive LLC. The app provides all the required tools for real-time stock trading. The app contains pre and after stock quotes and charts providing live news, price alerts etc. The user can customize the scanning and screening through the app according to the own requirement. The advanced real-time quotes that are provided by the app includes change, %, bid, ask, ask size, bid size, company, volume, OHLC and much more. The app provides the unlimited management of the watch-list. The app notifies the user of the price alerts via push notification that pop-up on the notification window of the device. Other than these features, the app provides the cloud-sync option too so that user can share the data on all of his devices. The app is trustable and quite secure. The app is protected by the Passcode and even Touch-Id so that all the info of the user remain private and secure. The app is free of cost and is available on iTunes for iOS devices.

#9 Earnings FREE: Calendar, Earning History, Reminder, Real Time Stock Quote, Chart, News, Insider Trade


Earning FREE is the stock managing app that is developed by Mobile Interactive LLC. The app is designed to keep all the record of the earnings on the stock. The app other than stock managing ultimately focuses on the earning details of the user. All the essential tools and options are including in the app that the user wants from a stock managing app. The app is a complete personal assistant that manages each and everything for the user. The app keeps all the record of earning dates. It is the only app present on the market right now that shows the available next earning dates. This unique feature of the app makes it prominent it in the market, and users are attracted due to the uniqueness. Along with the stock charts, the app provides more than 40 indicators also to the user. This app is an all-in-one app that looks everything regarding inventories. The app is free of cost and is available for iOS and Android devices.

#10 Robinhood – Free Stock Trading


Robinhood is the stock managing and trading app developed by Robinhood Markets, Inc. It is the real free app that provides its user the facility to sell and buy the shares free direct through the app sitting anywhere. The app enables the user’s approach so that he can access the real-time quotes and stock data. The app has no commission of any kind on the trade, as other apps and companies charge up to $10 per trade. The trading is entirely free via this app. The user can create his stock market watch list, where he can add customized detail charts, history of the trade and data. The app enables the user to keep the track of all his activities, and the app keeps the user aware of every single detail through Notification widget center. The app is free and can be downloaded from iTunes and Google play for iOS and Android devices.

#11 StockTouch


Stocktouch is the stock trading, managing and tracking app developed by Visible Market Inc. The app is not much popular, but it is worth using. The app has an active built-up and straightforward user interface, making the app entirely appropriate for the users. The app is equipped with high-resolution HD graphics, which provide the tremendous user experience of viewing the stock related activities. The app includes nine sectors, more than 5000 companies, 40,000 charts, 150,000 tiles of heat showing the trading activity and all the latest news regarding stocks. The user can sync with other devices too through this app. The user can create his watching list. Charts are replaced with the heat maps in the app to provide better idea and view of the stock trends to the user. The stock price is updated live all the time for user’s convenience. The app is free of cost and is available on iTunes for iOS devices.

#12 MarketWatch


MarketWatch is the stock managing and business dealing app developed by Dow Jones & Company, Inc. Dow Jones is the publisher of The Wall Street Journal and is well aware of all the business and stock related activities. The high resolution of the app and astonishing graphics provide the user best experience dealing with the assets and other business. The app comprises of many unique and impressive features which include, images and videos featured along with the real-time stock quotes, etc. The rates if stock, currencies, and commodities are all updated live so that the user cannot mislead himself due to time. The App provides the data from all the big stock markets of the world including Europe, America, and Asia. The app provides the access to the user of synchronizing his watch-list with his other devices. The app is free of cost and can be easily downloaded from iTunes and Google Play for iOS and Android devices.

#13 Stock Master: stock quotes tracking stocks market portfolio for google/yahoo finance


Stock Master is the stock trading and managing app developed by Astontek Inc. The app with quality built-up has a straightforward and easy interface that enables the user to keep an eye on his stock activities more conveniently. The app’s unique features include the stock reports and portfolios in the PDF format. The app allows the user to synchronize the data with his other devices. The app comprises of real-time stock quotes and shares. All the detail regarding pre-market, after hours trade price, open day, day high, day low, volume, average, years target price, yahoo finance news, etc. The supported exchanges by the app are NYSE, AMEX, ASX, NASDAQ, TSX, SS, SZ, HK, LSE, SI, TW, NSE, and NZX. The app delivers the stock futures of the main world indexes that include Mexico, Canada, Japan, India, USA, UK, Germany, France, Turkey, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Russia and many others. The app is free of cost and is available on iTunes for iOS devices.

#14 StockSwipe – Discover New Trade Ideas & Trending Stocks By Swiping Chart Cards


StockSwipe is the app developed by Ace Green for managing stocks through portable devices like smartphones and tabs. The app is not that popular and even don’t provide many assets operating features. But the few tools which are present in the app are quite useful as compared to the large variety of instruments offered by other apps. The app has simple, easy and clear interface with average graphics which make the things quite simple to use rather complex. The app provides flip charts to the user containing the stock details. The app provides the overview of the scholarship through the option of Market view. The app has based on three card view arranged randomly, and the user can pick a card and see the professional chart and trends of stock. The app supports more than 8500 stocks on NASDAQ, NYSE, TSX, AMEX, etc. The app is free of cost and is available on iTunes.