WebMD is an American online publisher of news and information pertaining to health and well-being launched in 1996 by Pavan Nigam and James H. Clark. is the leading health information website that produces content regarding health and health care topics such as drugs information, pharmacy information, and blog of physicians with the specific topics, etc. It provides reliable information helpful communities and in depth reference content about health subjects that matter its users. The content on the are available in video and written form to deliver the better service. One of the best thing about WebMD is that it offers to Find a Doctor service that allows the users to find the doctor in your own area. To make the platform more engaging it also offers online communication features where you can chat with the professionals and other users around the world on the specific or general topics. Live web events, communities, multiple categories, easy interface, find drugs price and check your symptoms these are a key feature of the It has more than 179.5 million unique visitors per month and 3.63 billion page view per quarter. Do explore it out if you want to improve your health.

#2 may not need a proper introduction because the name is more than enough to do the job. A place that has become a directory when it comes to everything related to mind and body. The news section is the first which gives you an idea of what is happening in the world related to the niche. Move on the health a to z section, and everything that the website contains on complicated issues such as birth control, cancer, flu, chronic diseases, depression, heart problems, sleep, and skin are explained properly. Move on to the fitness section, and you will see several articles and videos that keep a person interested along with various plans and challenges to make your body fit for every occasion. The food section tells about the nutrition values, recipes, videos, take out challenges, videos and planners. Weight loss section focuses on mind, body, family, pets, and relationships. The beauty and magazine article along with some others make it an entire place for people to learn about various things.



Alodokter is digital health company in South East Asia allowing its users with better health knowledge to take the right decisions about their health. is one of the best medical and health web-based platform in Indonesia with more than 12 million monthly visitors. It has a massive team of professional doctors who produce 5 to 7 list in each single day in order to deliver latest and more tips about health and medicine. It is an excellent website that enables reliable content about health, well-being, and family for the general public. One of the most exciting thing about is that it offers a question and answer feature that enables the users to communicate with the professional team of or other users in order to discuss the health topics and their specific problems. It requires registration in order to pass the comment or communication otherwise it does not require any registration if you simply read the content. The content on Alo doctor consists of the series of categories, and these categories also consist of multiple stuff. It also offers search bar where you place the name of the specific topic in order to find the stuff that you actually want. Do try it out, if you want to become healthy.

#4 is a government website that produces information and tools about health. It is a non-profit organization to bring the users the best and reliable health information on the information. operate a professional team of members who regularly share their ideas, tips, and conditions about the health. It contains various health topics such as Pregnancy, Every day Healthy Living, Parenting, Health Conditions and Diseases, and Sexual Health, etc. and each topic also consists of multiple topics in order to deliver all kind of stuff that the user wants. It also offers online doctor service that allows the user to communicate with the specialist doctor in order to get helpful information. Free health content, find service near your area, health quizzes, community, simple and easy interface, no registration require share topics on all the social networking sites these are core features of sites. is one of the best health information platforms that contains each kind of health topics.


#5 is an online platform that produces information about health, disease, lifestyle and all the other medical related topics. The ultimate mission of this platform is to deliver members of the public with up to date information on health stuff in the form of comprehensive leaflets, videos, blog, and well-being. The qualified medical practitioners compile all the leaflets with various years of experience in the field of medicine. The website was launched in 1996 in the United Kingdom with very basic level, but after the continuous struggle now it has millions of visitors and more than 30 million register user around the world. One of the most exciting thing about is that it has an advanced search bar where the user can write their problem in order to get the solution. To help the audience, it also offers online communication system where you can communicate with the professional doctors. produce all the important information about medical such as Health and Medicine. Patient UK also offers blog service with a massive range of content and also regularly update with new stuff. Simple Interface, online tools, forums, free registration and health tips these are a core feature of this platform. Try it out; it is best for health.

#6 is one online medical news platform that targeted to both physicians and the general public. It was launched in 2003 and operated by Healthline Media. The ultimate objective of the keeps the people healthy and happy. The professionals publish all the content on this platform in order to deliver helpful stuff of their visitors. It is the leading platform in the United Kingdom with more than 13 million unique visits each month and more than 20 million monthly page views. The content on the is consists of the series of categories such as Blood/Hematology, Sexual Health, Men’s Health, Respiratory, Eczema/ Psoriasis, Breast Cancer, and Stroke, etc. It does not require any registration to read the stuff simply, but if you want to become the member of or update with the latest stuff, you just need to register yourself. Medical News Today discusses on all kinds of problems, in case you want to discuss on some specific problem and you just need to submit your subjects, and they will reply you after a few hours. It is one of the best health information sites.


Medscape is another online resource for physicians and health professionals. It produces medical journal articles, daily medical news, health tips, cover all the major coverage’s, drugs information and much more. All the stuff on the is free of cost for professionals and consumers, but it requires registration. The main goal of the Medscape is to improve patient care with comprehensive clinical information and resources essential to healthcare professionals and physicians. It is a leading online platform that covers all the latest news about health and medical around the world. All the specialist on the is arranged into the categories such as Allergy and Immunology, Dermatology, Cardiology, Family Medicine, General Surgery, Neurology, Orthopedics, and Pediatrics, etc. It also has a community of physicians where the users can easily discuss their case around the world. The exciting thing about is that it offers video section where the users can get a video about health tips, yoga classes, discussions about the disease and much more. It has a huge amount of content and also regularly update with the latest content. Medscape includes key features such as available in multiple languages, mobile application, CME and Education, online community and lots of another thing. Try it out; it is one of the best platforms for healthcare professionals.

#8 mission is to revitalize the way people eat, move and live. It is a web-based platform that produces articles about health information. It has a massive team of fitness experts, pioneering doctors, top chefs, trusted healers, bestselling authors, celebrates and world’s best journalists that deliver most know content and tools to help their visitors to live healthy and happy. One of the greatest thing about is that it offers online classes system that consists of multiple kinds such as yoga, Relationship, Personal Growth, Fitness, Meditation, and Nutrition, etc. Each class has its own professional trainer. It requires registration to use the service by proving the valid email address and all the other important information. Mind Body Green offers three kinds of stuff such as written articles, images, and videos. Latest health news, online tools, conversation option, simple and user-friendly interface, search bar, massive range of stuff, regular update and online classes service these are most prominent features of the If you want to change your life, you must need to explore Mind Body Green official website.

#9 is another health information website that helps the people to understand and live with the medical conditions. It is a competitor to WebMD and offers lots of enhanced services that engage the worldwide audience. Health line offers health related content, services and lots of online tools such as symptom checker and pill identifier, etc. One of the great thing about is that it offers to Find a Doctor services that allows you to find a specialist Doctor in your area. Just like the WebMD it also offers a massive database of content that consists of the series of categories such as general health, Foot and Fitness, Sex and Relationship and Diabetes, etc. each category also consists of massive lists. It does not deliver third-party, or user created content professionals produce all the stuff in order to deliver true and helpful content of their visitors. In each day it published 5 t 7 articles in each single day in order to deliver maximum and latest content of their visitors. is one of the fastest growing health information websites which has more than 40 million unique visits each month.

#10 is a new website in the category of health and fitness but does not lack in anything as it contains a big database of articles and other helpful material that anyone needs. The heart rate monitor tells you the speed at which you are moving so that a person can manage their speed. Activity tracking helps a person to know how much steps they have taken and what the number of calories they have burnt is. You move towards the outdoor activities, and it has devices that help with the management on camping and hiking trips. You get to learn about the fitness techniques such as yoga, core, gear and injury prevention and that focuses on the men and women separately to give them adequate information about their bodies. Everyday Health counts itself as the leading provider of wellness and health solutions for people who are part of the system. If you need to know exactly how to stay fit, then EverydayHealth website will make you happy.

#11 is a web-based pharmaceutical encyclopedia that produces drugs information for customers and healthcare professionals in the United States of America. It was launched in September 2001. The online platform contains reference information which includes stuff from Micromedex from Truven Health Analytics, Cerner Multum, Harvard Health Publication and HealthDay. It provides accurate information on up to 24,000 prescription drugs over the counter pills and natural products. also deliver each kind of drug information. The information on the are consists of the multiple categories such as Drugs by Condition, Drugs by Class, Natural Production, International Drugs and Drugs Side Effects, etc. It also offers advanced search option where you just need to place the name of drugs or things about drugs that you want to know. The site contains a simple and user-friendly interface with a massive range of content and also update with new content. are also lots of exciting features such as latest news about drugs, videos, interaction checker, pro edition and much more. Do explore it out if you want to know about your pills.


MedicineNet is another web-based platform that offers detailed information about medications, disease, conditions and general health founded on 17 October 1996. is a part of and offers some enhance services. It is also known as online healthcare media that enable easy to read, in depth helpful medical tips for consumers via its robust, User-friendly and interactive website. It has a massive team of professionals who always try to deliver major information that helps their users. The great thing about Medicine Net is that deliver information in the form of slideshow with images that help the users to understand better. Another exciting feature about is that it offers Quizzes system that consists of multiple topics such as superfoods, skin pictures, happiness, fat, and fats, etc. Just like the it also offered two different way to search content such as explore category and second one is search bar where you need to write the name of stuff that you actually want. It is one of the best health information website as compare to the other that contains a massive database of stuff and also regularly update with new content.


NIH (National Institute of Health) is the main agency of the U.S government responsible for public health and biomedical research launched in the 1870s. NIH is a part of United State Department of Health and Human Services with the facilities majorly placed in Bethesda, Maryland. The major thing about is that it conducts its own research through its IRP (Intramural Research Program) and offer major biomedical research funding to all the non-NIH research facilities through its Extramural Research Program. The ultimate mission of this platform is to seek fundamental knowledge about nature and living system and all the application of knowledge of the enhance health, reduce illness, lengthen life and disability. is the main website of National Institute of Health that produce lots of health information its visitors and this information consist of the multiple categories. also offers various exciting features that engage the worldwide audience such as online communication system, create news and events, regular update with new health topics and much more. It is one of the best platforms of those who want to learn about health or improve their health.