Yazzy Simulator


Yazzy Simulator Alternatives


#1 Chat Simulator


Chat Simulator is one of the widely used applications for having fake chat conversations. Fake Chat Simulator is one of the most outstanding ways to have fun with or make fun of your friends making them believe that you are actually chatting with someone special. This app comes with a number of intuitive features through which you can have all the complementary features of fake chat simulation for free. Chat Simulator is an outstanding application through which you can easily generate fake conversation by adding the names as well as numbers of your desire and start having fun. It delivers a WhatsApp-like user interface, and you can easily generate a number of fake chats along with their specific names, numbers and profile photos. It allows you to switch between different users and generate realistic conversations right from this app. Chat Simulator allows you to create fake groups as well just to make your friends sure that you are going great. So just download this Fake Chat Simulator to enjoy sending fake messages, real-like environments, control time and read status, emoji support, change contacts connection status, and more with simple clicks.


#2 TextingStory


TextingStory is one of the finest application to unleash your creativity in probably the best way, introduced by Yvz Digital Lab. TextingStory – Chat Story Maker allows you to have quality time with the app through writing a text conversation in this application for real-time fun. You can even create a video from your conversations stories and save it to your mobile phone’s memory for lateral access. TextingStory – Chat Story Maker enables you to access your videos with ease so that you can watch your creations and share them with your family members, colleagues, and friends to have quality time. TextingStory – Chat Story Maker is one of the widely used applications that helps you write conversation just same like any messaging application, except you can switch the side by pressing the character’s name. Texting Story lets you take all the time you need to write a texting story, and these videos are automatically accelerated for consistently fast-paced results. TextingStory app keeps on adding and improvising its features for the real-time after a shorter span of time. So just download TextingStory – Chat Story Maker app to enjoy it with endless possibilities.

#3 Texting Story Maker


Texting Story Maker is another amazing application to place your thoughts and creativity in a story-like manner using an SMS chatting like scenario. Texting Story Maker – Chat Story Maker is a fine application introduced by Night Wolf that helps its users to enjoy creating an easy to use texting story making. You can enjoy creating chat stories through its intuitive features and save them to share them with your mates and friends. You can even take screenshots of your chats as well just to have fun with your girlfriends or buddies. Texting Story Maker – Chat Story Maker allows you to set user’s name whom you are chatting with, change chat you want, change the avatar, change phone number, and more with damn ease. It is a widely used application which supports you to write conversations as you want just like the traditional messaging application but with a mix of colours. You can easily create a chat for your friends. Texting Story Maker – Chat Story Maker app has made it easy to create fake chats just to jealous, irritate, or have the fun of your friends.




HOOKED is an innovative app that is making the reading addictive for youngsters. This free reading and writing app allow its users to enjoy reading thrilling stories that will keep them reading for hours. The users of HOOKED can write their own stories as well for the purpose of getting followers. The stories creation system of this application is quite different and amazing. It permits its users to share their stories in a chatting style. The fantasy chat feature of HOOKED allows its writers to write and share stories whole they are chatting with their friends. There is no criteria mentioned by HOOKED regarding stories that means the writers can write and share on any topic either it is a life story, funny text, or just creating a creepy crawly conversation with someone. HOOKED is just like your personal chatting diary where you can write whatever you want.

#5 Fake Chat Conversations


Fake Chat Conversation is a widely used application used for creating fake chats for free, introduced by FocApp. Fake Chat Conversation is a great application for entertainment and quality fun time. It allows its users to create a number of fake chats just to tease your friends, show your charm (fake) in front of people, irritate your friends and family members, and much more. Fake Chat Conversation is an easy to use application through which people can make fake chats for whatever they want. It is using immensely great to joke your friends or making them believe that you are actually chatting (with any girl or with others girlfriends, etc.). Using such an entertaining application, you can easily create fake profiles, set fake names, make fake calls, create fake groups, create fake voice messages, and much more. Fake Chat Conversation allows you to enjoy chatting with a number of awesome emojis to add in your chats to make them more authentic. So just download Fake Chat Conversation because Seeing Is Believing.

#6 Movellas


Movellas called itself the free writing and publishing platform that in addition to web based platform is available in the form of application for the smartphones as well. It aims to offer a simple platform to the readers to read books and for writers to publish their stories for free. This free to use application contains a thousand of free stories and books that can be access in all length from its official application as well. Movellas deals in three main sections of reading, writing and sharing with others. One of the best qualities of this application is that it even work in offline environment as well and lets the users to get an instant access to their favorite stories anytime and anywhere without even worrying about having an internet connection. The sharing section of this application allow the users to share their creative work with others and even write and publish their own stories straight from the usage of this application. In case you want to get notified with the work of your favorite author then you can get this facility as well but for this you will need an internet connection.

#7 TAP by Wattpad


First of all, it is important to clear here that TAP by Wattpad is different from the original reading and writing application Wattapad. TAP by Wattpad is an independent platform for reading addictive chat stories for free. In this application, you will be able to instantly dive into an interactive and heart-touching story that will force you to drop right into the action. TAP by Wattpad is different from most of the social reading and writing applications on the ground that it offers the reading platform in the shape of a simple chat box. Now you can read amazing and entertaining stories even if you have five minutes only. After installing and then opening the application, simply tap to reveal the story as you proceed. Here you will be able to explore the stories for any mood and genres like steamy romances, spine chilling horror, nail-biting dramas and much more. If you are interested in sharing your work, then you can simply write your own chat stories in the chat box. In the end, it is also possible sharing stories with others as well.

#8 Yarn


Yarn is a fine storytelling platform where thousands of people enjoy damn interesting stories. This product was launched by Science Mobile LLC which lets its users have a great mix of fun with these short stories. It is an interesting place for persons that want a world full of suspense where every upcoming beat is more intense than the previous one. There are way many interesting facts of this storytelling platform that helps its users to enjoy tons of horror, mystery, celebrity gossips, romance, fantasy, science fiction, sci-fi, comedy, and any of your favourite genre. This app is filled with bundles of interesting stories that allows its users to have fun with these stories on a daily basis updating criteria. It releases new stories every day that helps you follow your most favourite story in almost every genre. Yarn never let you get bored of lengthy articles so that you can enjoy simple and short Yarn Stories. You can also subscribe here for an unlimited dose of fun to all the best and popular Yarn stories. To enjoy some suspenseful mysteries that you can’t even imagine Yarn is there for you that will surely amaze you innovatively.

#9 Texting Chat Story Maker


Texting Chat Story Maker is another outstanding application that allows you to enjoy fake chatting and texting in an ultimate way. It is a great application that helps you write chat stories in texting formats and looks so authentic that you are really chatting with someone. You can throw your imagination and creativity on this application and easily save them as well. Texting Chat Story Maker allows you to create awesome stories just to share these stories as videos to your friends, family members, girlfriends, colleagues, and others. It is a superb fake chatting application through which you can enjoy chatting with fake people by setting their names, their phone numbers, change avatar, and more with ease. Texting Chat Story Maker is one of the most complementary application to write a chat story, save your story, and share it on some social media platforms just to share them with your friends. So just download Texting Chat Story Maker to create any type of interesting, captivate, mesmerising, love, scary, horror, and authentic chat stories just to have quality fun time.

#10 Free Chat Stories


Free Chat Stories is another awesome application to read awesome scary chat stories for free and without any break or pause. Free Chat Stories – Scary & Creepy with Addicted is a fine application introduced by The AwesomeCompany which allow you to read as much as you want without any fee or charges. These are engrossing nail-biting horror and scary stories which are so involving that keep you reading throughout the day. It is a fine application to read a lot of spooked chat stories and text fictions with your buddies. Free Chat Stories – Scary & Creepy with Addicted provides addicted stories, and each told as a bite-sizes text message conversation. It is same like you are chatting someone else’s chat conversation and every step comes with more suspense and fear. If you are a person, who wants to read others conversations without telling them, then you can enjoy the same feeling without any gap. So just download the ultimate time killer named Free Chat Stories – Scary & Creepy with Addicted, and access probably the best stories without any pause.

#11 Scary Chat Stories


Scary Chat Stories is another intuitive app and a fine time killer introduced by Knowledge Quiz Games. Scary Chat Stories – Hooked on Texts is a great application that allows you to read real-time scary chat conversations or stories on your mobile phones. It delivers a great collection of scary, engrossing nail-biting, and suspense creating stories that will keep you reading for all the time. It is a great application for you to pass the time without getting bored. Scary Chat Stories – Hooked on Texts brings stories in a text chatting scenario so that you can easily get a number of involving stories in the palm of your hand. When you are reading these chats, you seem to know that you are reading someone else’s chat conversations and you can enjoy them in an ultimate way. It allows you to get s sequence of these scary stories and it does not have any pause to break your motions. So just download Scary Chat Stories – Hooked on Texts to enjoy each of its new arrival with more suspense and scare.