0 is a free web hosting service provider site that provides premium quality hosting services. This particular website is ranked among the finest web hosting service providing sites of all time. The best thing about this particular web hosting site is that it is easy to use and every kind of user can register his or her website with the server on the go. The process is simple and effective, the user just has to register for free and they would be able to register their website. Other than the hosting services the website provides the facility of purchasing domains as well. The users can get up to 10 GB free bandwidth along with free 1GB disk space as well. All this is for free without ads as well.




110mb is yet another famous and one of the most widely preferred hosting service providing site. The site provides the facility of free web hosting and premium web hosting as well. The site was founded in 2006. The site gives 5GB of free disk space as compared to 1GB offered by other similar sorts of web hosting service providing sites. Along with the free disk space, the site provides 300 GB bandwidth. The site doesn’t not only provide free web hosting services but also help its users to build the website using simple, easy and effective tools. This particular site provides hosting services for business, commercial and personal websites and blogs.


0 is yet another incredible web hosting service providing site that is quite famous all around the world. The site claims to be “The hosting paradise on earth” and without any doubt it enables its users to host their websites in the most convenient and smartest way. However, in comparison to other famous web hosting sites, this particular site only provides 256 MB free disk space but it offers the variety of other additional things too. Which includes domains as well. Apart from these, freehostia provides 10 MB of MySQL storage and 6 GB of monthly traffic. The best thing about the website that helps it to stand out from the competitors is the free testimonial service, which allows a free trial of web hosting so that the users can get a better idea of hosting via this particular site.



0 is a stupendous website that provides a vast variety of different hosting plans. The visitors, with this particular website, can host any sort of website including personal, commercial, e-commerce and even blogging sites too. The site is able to provide hosting services for every kind of website developed in any of the formats including HTML, Php, Word press etc. As the name of the site depicts, it provides free 5 GB of hosting space to its users and along with it 20 GB of bandwidth as well. The users are able to host their websites in the most efficient way according to the infrastructure introduced by Cisco, specifically for website hosting.


0 is a premium web hosting service providing website that allows its users to host their website with all premium tools and minimum yearly cost. The introductory package of the web hosting starts from 0.90 Euros per year. In addition to the premium hosting, the site enables its users to choose from various different modes of hosting that included VPS based hosting, reseller hosting etc. The users can select different kinds of hosting services based on their own needs. The basic hosting type offered by the site includes free web hosting, premium web hosting, VPS cloud hosting, Shared premium hosting and semi-dedicated hosting. Other than these services, the site provides a variety of web domains for sale, the users can directly purchase the domain and can readily host them too.


0 is yet another famous and one of the most widely used web hosting site, that provides free web hosting services with PHP, C Panel, MySQL etc. The users can choose from the offered hosting programs and can register their site on the go. The best thing about this site that gives it a slight edge over other similar site is its ease of use and user-friendliness. Every sort of user from any background can easily interact with the site and host their website. This particular site currently offers free and paid web hosting but in the near future, they are on the verge of introducing various other kinds of hosting too. The coming soon list includes free DNS hosting, free FTP hosting, and free cloud backup hosting.


0 is one of the oldest and kind of pioneer site in terms of web hosting services. The site provides a wide range of hosting services to its users that includes, free web hosting, paid web hosting, reseller-based web hosting, VPS hosting and cloud backup hosting. The unique selling point of the site that gives it an edge over other similar sites in the market for the same purpose is that the site offers a gigantic variety of huge dedicated servers to the users. Users looking for business or commercial scale hosting service can surely go for their own specific dedicated servers. The site is quite famous all around the globe and possesses more than 1 million active users that host their millions of websites using



As the name of the site states, it is the free web hosting service providing website specifically inside Europe. The main aim of the site is to provide reliable and quality web hosting services in the whole of Europe. Although it limits the international approach followed by rest similar sites the policy of this particular site restricts it to work only in the European countries. The free web hosting includes ad-free hosting along with 200 MB of web space. The users can host various websites including Joomla and Word press sites also. The site provides a wide range of web building tools that help the users in building the quality website and host it at the same time.


0 provides instant and quick web hosting facility to its users. It is the top-ranked web hosting site in terms of user convenience and efficiency. The best thing about this particular site is that it offers free VPS based hosting along with free regular hosting and premium hosting. The site provides all the useful web hosting tools and with the addition to the hosting services, the site helps in building the website also. The site has separate site builder and app installer that helps in installing hundreds of apps frequently that are useful in the hosting and other website related work.


0 is a multipurpose platform that allows the users to build and host their websites at the same time. The site provides free hosting, premium web hosting, VPS hosting, cloud backup hosting and reseller-based hosting altogether. The site provides Php, MySQL, Apache, Word Press, Joomla, and Drupal-based web hosting. The users can avail all the premium hosting services of $4.50 per month. The site provides 5000 MB and 1000 MB of web traffic width and web space respectively. In addition to the web hosting services the site provides a vast variety of free domains, the users can directly choose their desired domains and can start building their website.



Free Virtual Servers is yet another outstanding and efficient UK based web hosting service providing site. The main aim of the site is to provide every sort of quality web hosting service at the minimum cost to the users. The users can register their website on hundreds of free virtual servers available for hosting. Other than this the users can go for premium web hosting as well. The site also supports VPS based web hosting and cloud backup web hosting. Although this particular website is UK based and help in the whole of the UK, it can be accessed by international users as well and they can host their websites anywhere from the world.


0 is the free and premium web hosting services providing the site, that provide all kinds of web hosting related service at one place. The users can simply register themselves for free and can start building their own website using simple tools and can free of cost host their website at the very same time. Apart from free web hosting, the users can register for premium web hosting services for $25 per year and can utilize all the premium features and tools. This particular site helps the users in launching their website in the minimum possible time along with all the essentials. The users simply have to register and attach their C Panel, and they are ready for launching their website. The site provides a vast range of free domains as well that helps the users to the best suitable for them.


0 is yet another astounding and useful website that allows the users to host their website for free and that too with ease. The site itself claims to be a universe of web hosting services. It provides a variety of different kinds of hosting services including free web hosting, premium web hosting, VPS based web hosting, Cloud backup web hosting and DNS based web hosting etc. Apart from providing web hosting facility, the site lets the users select the best suitable domain for their website and can start building a website on the go.



The name of the site says it all. Now you don’t have to worry about the payments for acquiring precious premium tools and services for web hosting, as this particular site provides the facility for hosting your website for free of cost. The best thing about this site is that it does not only host the website but it provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth for website traffic. The users can also look for website domains on the site and can directly purchase too. All these services are ad-free.


0 is yet another astonishing website that provides pure quality web hosting services and that too free of cost. The best thing about the site that gives it an edge over the rest similar sites in the market is its ease of use and crystal-clear usage policy. Unlike various another famous hosting site, this particular site does not have any hidden charges. The users of every kind can host their websites and can avail free 10 GB of disk space for a lifetime. Along with it the users also get 100 GB of bandwidth for their website traffic. The site has a simple and very interactive interface that allows every sort of user to host their various websites.


0 is one of the famous and most widely used website hosting service providing site. Although the site is UK based and provides internet hosting assistance to the people of the UK in basic, still it is getting popular across the globe. The site already has thousands of clients from every part of the world and the numbers are increasing rapidly. The users can directly register for free with no setup cost and can even use the extreme premium tools of hosting without any hidden charges. The site charges nothing at all whatsoever. It mainly focuses on data security and data optimization of users website.


0 is a drag and drop feature based ecommerce platform that will give you the liberty to create a free ecommerce website. allows the willing retailers to create the online shopping store and websites without having any technical and coding knowledge. In addition to providing the ready to use designs tools and features, support for the customizable tools as well. The technical and highly advanced features of make the users able to create the beautiful storefront and get the powerful management system as well. In addition to supporting for the desktop based systems, is optimized for the smartphone interfaces as well. It’s time to turn your business into success by using the customizable features of and makes your store’s look as you want. Beautiful product galleries from classic shop to bold view and simple to home page gallery, all features are the part of the Manage everything you need and enjoy the tools for tracking the orders, get paid easily, promote sales and manage shipping & tax.


0 is one of the top rated web articles and web content management platforms on the planet that along with offering the system for creating, and website servicing resources, deals in the development of website and web blogs also. This leading CMS delivers the website owners and blog owners with all of those applications and tools that guide them in handling each and every web based written content from writing to editing and drafting to publishing. itself is written in the PHP and MySQL and that’s the reason installed on a web server. Nowadays it’s among the most preferred and trusted CMS due to providing a lot of choices to its customers. The main offering by the are it’s a unique web format system makes use of the template processor. Furthermore, it’s considerably featured fully in term of plugins, themes, built-in integration structure for mobile apps, and plenty of additional features that you can get in form of SEO tools, SEM helpful structure, advance permalink system, support for tagging as well as nearly all those functions and features termed as essential aspects for an effective online presence.



Creation of your own website is not a problem now. You can find a number of such websites that will provide you with immense options of tools and designs to create your own website. Weebly is one of such websites that has made the creation of blogs and websites much easier than ever before. It does not only makes you do all the work without any hassle but also gives you a professional look to your website or blog. It is now considered to be the most rapidly flourishing platform for such creations and it makes around 2 percent of the whole internet world. The drag and drop interface used in it is user friendly and is responsible to make Weebly popular all around the world of website and blog creation. Weebly also helps you to get rid of most of the coding and programming stuff. With the help of this blogging site you can also find free domain as well as hosting plan. You can make your website in a few minute making it surprisingly easy to create your own website, online store or blog. You can easily use Weebly on your android and iPad or iPhone devices that help you to stay connected to your customers even if you are away.



When it comes to make your own blog or website designing site, Blogger is one of those sites that are famous for the reason. It works with Google hence if you have a Google account and want to design your blog, it would be easy for you to use Blogger. When it was launched, around 7 years ago, it has only 250,000 readers but the site gained immense popularity and is now having 400 million readers of the website. It is now considered to be one of the famous and most commonly used website that is free of cost. Blogger is the one site that expresses the true thoughts by providing them various options to design their blog or websites. It provides you with a BlogSpot sub domain when you are creating your own blog to make the things more convenient for you. There are numerous features of Blogger that are helpful towards its users. You are provided with a drag and drop interface that is easy to use. Blogger is also being integrated with Google Adsense that is beneficial and help you in generating some income through your blog. Indeed it is one of the best blogging sites, with several advantages and specific characters that are adding to its popularity.