Quora.com Alternatives


#1 Answers.com


If you are tired of using search engines because of getting too many or irrelevant answers, then simply move to this site, where you can find the answer to most of your issues. This site is one the unique level of websites that you can say is the sophisticated version of Google that contains the information more sophisticatedly. All you are required to provide your question in the search bar of Answers.com or explore through the categories available at this site for the same purpose. That is the level of working of this website to make its visitors able to get reliable and to-the-point answers to their unsolved questions.

The main categories at this site in which you can find the answers are animal life, business & finance, lifestyle, tech, food, health, politics, money, sports, interviews, and much more. Whether it is about knowing the difference between two terms or finding the answer to any general knowledge question, this site will always be there to assist you with comprehensive answers. It is a user-contributed platform, and you can also participate in its activities by submitting the answer to any issue if you know. You can also submit your question by first choosing the category.

#2 Superuser.com

This domain is dedicated to the computer enthusiasts and those with the technical background. SuperUser.com is basically user generated platform specified for the questions and answers in real time. The best about SuperUser.com is that unlike traditional knowledge sharing portals, SuperUser.com requires no kind of registration or creation of the account. The way of working of SuperUser.com is very simple. Anybody can ask any question relating to computer and IT platform. There is no kind of geographical restriction. In the same manner, the answer can be submitted by anyone. If you will submit the best and perfect answer then you will be awarded with points and this will make your profile to raise upward. This portal paint itself as professional in computer and IT related issues. However, when you will move to the official website of Super User you will see that it is covering the various other topics and issues as well like life & arts, science & technology, culture, entertainment, recreation and various others. There is an application of SuperUser.com for the smartphone users that delivers the same level of satisfaction to its users. SuperUser.com is the part of the Stack Overflow that’s why most of the features and functions here are much similar to that of Stack Overflow. However, the difference between two is that SuperUser.com is not specified for a single topic, unlike Stack Overflow that is only for the programmers.

#3 Advicenators.com

Advicenators.com is the web-based community of experts that are working voluntarily for this online knowledge exchange platform. From this portal, you can find the answers and pieces of advice from the expertise of their fields. These experts belong to the fields of columnist, doctor, lawyer, and various others. Advicenators.com is an entirely free web-based portal for getting free advice against your simple to complex queries. Whether you need the answers of any funny questions or just want to increase your level of general knowledge, Advicenators.com will freely provide you all of its resources. There are four ways for getting advice from the Advicenators.com that are search questions, ask a question, browse advice columnists and search advice columnists. If you want to get the real time answers then there are chat rooms available at the Advicenators.com from where you can get the answers from the other members of the Advicenators.com. In order to ask the question, you will be first required to register with Advicenators.com and then ask your question either by exploring or submitting a new one. It is really easy and free for the purpose of getting free and advice in real time. You can write column or answers for the Advicenators.com as well.

#4 Askmehelpdesk.com

This platform in addition to providing question and answer portal make its visitors able to get a chance to become an expert in their field. If you think you are expert in any field and can answer the questions regarding that field then AskMeHelpDesk.com is giving the opportunity to people like you to answer to the questions of others and get a chance to become expert or advisor. It is the way to make your profile more professional by adding expert credits to it. Those who are looking for answers to the question regardless of any topic are simply advised to move to the AskMeHelpDesk.com and ask an advisor or expert about any subject. Whatever the nature of your question is, AskMeHelpDesk.com will never put a bar on it. All you need is to be polite and logical to get the best answer by the real experts. It is a question and answer community. At the main page of AskMeHelpDesk.com, you will find the sections like browse questions, ask questions, answer questions, and search the data. You can see how it is simple. Ask special search bar is also on the front page where you are required to enter your question. Meanwhile, you can also explore through the most popular categories of as well. Choices are endless and all depends on upon your own potentials and capabilities.

#5 Answers.yahoo.com

Answers.Yahoo.com is a web-based knowledge exchanging platform being regulated by the Yahoo. It is basically the community-based platform where the registered members of the Answers.Yahoo.com assist in each other in finding the solution of their answers. All topics at Answers.Yahoo.com have been nicely covered by the Answers.Yahoo.com. It is an online platform where you can find the answer to anything. Instead of Yahoo itself, you will be answered by the community of the Answers.Yahoo.com. You can also take part in this by simply creating an account with the Answers.Yahoo.com and after that, you can submit your own query and can take part in the discussion of others as well. In order to join the knowledge exchange system of Answers.Yahoo.com, you are required to provide the best stuff. It is important for you to ask clearly and categorize the issues correctly. Those who actively take part in the discussion, Answers.Yahoo.com award them with points. Those with high points or scores then appeared in the leaderboard. Misuse of answers, cheating, using abusive language and violating the law is not permissible in any case. In order to ask the question, you are first required to select the appropriate category so that other find it clearly and then submit your question.

#6 Chacha.com

Open Source

ChaCha.com is a community-based online questions and answers portal. It is entirely a human-guided independent search engine particularly designed for questions and answers purposes only. You want to get an instant answer to any question for free then this knowledge exchange center will be surely a great help for you. You can submit any question at this portal and can search through the existing one as well if any answered by someone already.

In addition to the online portal, there is an application of ChaCha.com for smartphones as well that also delivers the same level of features and functions. It has an independent database of billions of answers and questions that make it one of the leading answers services over the internet. The easy-to-use conversational format of this website makes its visitors able to take part in the ongoing discussion or give the answer to the existing questions.

#7 Blurtit.com

Blurtit.com is a user contributed questions and answers platform from where anyone can get the answer of any question for free. Blurtit.com is the name of those leading question and answers based website that are providing the answer for free. It is a platform working with the aim of asks, learn, to share and grow. The main topics covered by the Blurtit.com are technology, science, health, education, pets & animals, business & finance, references, definitions, relationships and much more. Against 167,620 almost 627,139 answers have been submitted by the members of the Blurtit.com. You can also join the free service of Blurtit.com as well either for the purpose of asking the questions or answering to the questions of others. You will always get here instant and free answers of almost all level of your questions if these fall under the approved topics of the Blurtit.com. Asking for any question is very simple. You can either use the search questions, topics and people bar of the Blurtit.com or can explore through the list of available topics as well. Whether you need the answer to any burning question or you are bursting with the knowledgeable answers and want to share your experience with others then Blurtit.com is always open for you. All you required is to create a free account and take part in the ongoing activities.

#8 Mylot.com

myLot.com is an online discussion board, blogging and questions and answers portal that is helping its visitors across the globe via its social networking based platform. It is a platform to hang out in an online environment. Check out what you can explore at the online portal of the myLot.com; top rated discussion, most recent discussion, most recent activity, hot discussions, new user discussions, discussions with no response and much more. There is an earning program of the myLot.com as well for those who to earn money by means of taking part in the discussion or other user contributed activities of the myLot.com. myLot.com will pay you for your valuable contribution in the ongoing activities at the myLot.com. Despite the fact, myLot.com is delivering the high level of services still there are disadvantages of this website. First, main disadvantage of this website is its interface that only support for the search bar for directly searching the answer. There is not category or department system at all to assist the users in getting the more reliable and authentic answer against their query. All other services are great. Database of the discussion is also very huge. If you succeed in understanding the interface of myLot.com then you will surely able to get the more from the myLot.com.

#9 Helpglobe.com

HelpGlobe.com is a brand new question and answer and knowledge sharing website over the internet from where you can learn a lot by finding the exact answers. HelpGlobe.com has changed the traditional style of question and answers based websites. In addition to simply dealing in the question and answer system, HelpGlobe.com is working to assist its visitors in enhancing their level of knowledge and information. You can ask any question from the HelpGlobe.com by simply typing it in the search or ask your question bar of the HelpGlobe.com. You can explore through the topic section of the HelpGlobe.com as well. The list of topics available at the HelpGlobe.com contains the topics like business, family, health, science, society, world and much more. The quantity of answers is low but what is available is surely reliable and accurate. If you like to help others then you can also join the portal of HelpGlobe.com as well by simply creating and account and after then you will be allowed to submit the answers to the queries of the others. The best about HelpGlobe.com is its relevance ranking system. The relevance system of HelpGlobe.com is based on the ranking system that shows the users who many answers are relevant to the question. This assists them in deciding either to go for the answers or not. For the same reasons, HelpGlobe.com said it to the beyond question and answers website.

#10 Askdeb.com

Based on the knowledge contributed by the real people across the globe, AskDeb.com is a domain dedicated to getting the answers in an online environment from the real people across the world. It can be said as the easiest version of Google and other leading search engines because of allowing the visitors to always get the reliable one and to the point answers against all of their queries. Either it about art or adult information, you can ask anything from AskDeb.com you want. AskDeb.com is said to be one of the simplest and sophisticated portals over the internet because of providing and knowledge sharing center in a user-friendly environment. Check out the topics nicely covered by the AskDeb.com that are education, entertainment, finance, health, home, love, sports, technology, travel, politics, and dozens of various other miscellaneous topics. The advantage of using the portal of AskDeb.com is that you will always get the advice and answers from the real people. AskDeb.com is a totally free knowledge exchange platform. How? Who? Where? What and Why? All W are covered at the AskDeb.com. You will always find here the answers of the popular who questions that gets asked at the AskDeb.com by most of its visitors. In the same manner, you can also submit your answers to the questions asked by the other visitors of the AskDeb.com. That is the level of working of AskDeb.com to always deliver the best information to its visitors.

#11 Answerway.com

If you have any question then Answerway.com has answers. If you are the lack of knowledge over any specific topic then Answerway.com has experts to answers your queries. Anything and topic that you will ask to the Answerway.com will be backed by the experts of Answerway.com with reliable information without any cost. If you want to enjoy the fee web-based knowledge exchanging platform then here is the Answerway.com to assist you in this aim. You will always get here the best and reliable information against your simple to complex queries. All you required us to move to the Answerway.com and ask the experts of the Answerway.com. You can also submit your question as well or can check through the topics category of the Answerway.com as well where almost all topics have been nicely covered by the Answerway.com. You can expect each and every topic from the Answerway.com. The section of Answerway.com is separate for new users and experts. Anyone can join the knowledge service of Answerway.com for free by simply creating and account and first. The users of Answerway.com can in addition to asking the questions can express their point of views as well against the questions of the others. If you have any explanation regarding any question then you are always welcome to share it with others. Answerway.com has very user-friendly web interface.

#12 Ask.metafilter.com

Ask.MetaFilter.com is basically a Q&A community of the Meta Filter that is known for delivering various public solutions. In addition to helping the masses on various issues, Meta Filter owns a question and answer section as well by the name of Ask.MetaFilter.com. It is entirely a user driven and community contributed portal where the members of Ask.MetaFilter.com connects with each others to ask questions and give the answers. The front page of Ask.MetaFilter.com is designed in a nicely and user-friendly order that make the navigation system easy for the visitors. Everything here is in order. Even the answered and unanswered questions have a separate section to make the visitors able to move to the section as per their own interest. In order to submit the new question or giving the answer of the existing question, you will be first required to create an account with Ask.MetaFilter.com. Well, there is another thing that merits to be shared here and that is Ask.MetaFilter.com is not a free service. In order to create an account, you will be required to pay $5 in order to use the premium features of the Ask.MetaFilter.com. Meanwhile, you can explore the existing question for free.

#13 Topix.com


Topix is an internet-based news website that was initially founded in 2004. It is one of the most widely visited websites with more than 25 million engaged users. This new site has everything to offer. The visitors can look for every genre of news, i.e., political, entertainment, etc. Later on, in 2007, This application has started working as a news aggregator. The site lets its users comment and provide feedback visible to other visitors.

In addition to the local content, It has several subdomains that specifically deal with various news genres such as Rewind and Tempo cover history and music, respectively. Apart from news, the site enables its users to post their queries on the forum. Other than this, the users can also submit their articles for publishing.

#14 Newser.com

Newser.com yet another famous American internet media-based news aggregator website. Newser.com was launched by Patrick Spain and Michael Wolff. Patrick was a businessman and Michael was a famous journalist at that time. The basic idea behind the introduction of this very news website to provide quick latest news to the visitors in the most convenient way. On the launch, they introduced their slogan which stated: “Read Less, Know More”. The website is monitored and run manually by a group of highly qualified writers and editors. As per April 2017 stats, newser.com had 1.1 million unique visitors inside the US and 0.1 million unique visitors from rest of the world.

#15 Slashdot.org

Slashdot.org with the slogan of “News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters” is another all in one internet media-based news website. Slashdot.org is one of the oldest news websites that was launched in 1997 by Rob Malda and Jeff Bates the two college students. Later on, in 2012 the website was sold to DHI Group, Inc. Slashdot was first to introduce the discussion threads. Still, the news links are submitted by the users. The visitors after signing up can submit their own articles as well or can provide feedback regarding any specific news. The site contains a gigantic range of different news genres along with various subdomains as well.

#16 Rawstory.com

Rawstory.com yet another famous and one of the most widely visited the online news-based website. Basically, it is an American based online news company that was launched by John Byrne in 2004. This website specifically emphases on political and economic related news and stuff. Apart from covering all the local political news and economic activities, the site includes international news too. Rawstory.com has been nominated for various performance awards and is appreciated widely all over the globe. According to the stats of 2015, the site had 10.7 million active users.

#17 Dailykos.com

Dailykos.com is a famous group blogging website that is termed as a political encyclopedia. This website specifically ponders on the general public reviews and responses on various political issues in America and worldwide. Apart from being a political blogging site, it has a new corner in it, which covers all the latest political happenings in the World and more specifically the USA. The website was launched in 2002 by Markos Moulitsas as a result of social and political reforms. The site is managed by a variety of political activist editors. Apart from getting external funds from Kos Media, LLC. The sites the basic source of funding is via ads. The ads too are related to the politics.

#18 Mediamatters.org

Mediamatters.org or famously known as Media Matters for America is a unique sort of non-profit news monitoring website. The basic aim of the website is to monitor all the news published and on aired in print and electronic media of America, and to report fake news that spread false information among the people and communities. America being a mega-diverse country, has to face various challenges regarding the media especially the news related stuff. This website basically works as a news analyzer. It was founded by an American political activist David Brock in 2004. The website has a well-organized media research center behind it that helps the site to analyze and publish about the misinformation of news in US media.

#19 Stackexchange.com

StackExchange.com is a cluster of a variety of different websites based on various topics and genres. It is a network of websites that incorporate together and a massive variety of different websites is presented on a single platform. This website is basically a question answer-based website that enables the users to ask their queries and get answers to them. Indeed, it is a comprehensive forum that let its users submit their queries regarding a variety of different matters. The site was launched in September 2009 and possess more than 9.1 million users from all around the globe.

#20 Mixx.com


Mixx.com is a social media news-based blogging website that is purely managed by its users and group of editors and writers that manually carry out all the specific activities of the website. Mixx.com was released in June 2007 by Recommended Reading, Inc. The site worked on its own till 2011. In October 2011 Mixx.com was merged into Chime.in. Initially Chime.in uses the same interface as the original Mixx.com but later in July 2014 proposed a whole new design based on Twitter client applications.

#21 Zimbio.com

Zimbio.com is the first product of Livingly Media, Inc. an American digital media company. It is the website that is dedicated to the entertainment news and rumors. It covers everything about music, tv and movie industry. Other than this the site comprises of separate celebrity and picture section which provides information about various showbiz celebrities and latest images of happening in showbiz industry respectively. Zimbio.com was launched in May 2006. Later on, the company launched various other websites in different genres such as StyleBistro.com that covers news from the fashion industry was launched in July 2010.

#22 Justjared.com

Justjared.com is another famous news-based blogging and gossip site that specifically cover all the stuff from the entertainment industry. In the nutshell, this particular platform is the hub of entertainment news and gossips. It comprises of celebrity photo gallery and covers all the hot happenings in the showbiz industry. The website was initially launched in 2005 and is ranked among famous most widely preferred entertainment websites all around the globe. The most alluring feature of the site is its visitor forum, where the visitors can start gossip threads on the various entertainment-related news. This particular website consists of a gigantic variety of consistent readers who follow the site for latest updates in the showbiz industry.

#23 Snapzu.com

Apart from its cheeky and unprofessional name, Snapzu.com is a gigantic blogging website. It is a massive user-driven platform that is all in all run by the website visitors and users itself. Although there is a team of professional which manages the engagements of the site but the content is shared and exchanged by the users. The site claims to be the biggest community of all the rest web community, as it includes all the other communities in it. The forum has a lot to discuss on a gargantuan range of topics, news, and rumors. The users are provided with a chance of starting their own new community and grow it.

#24 Slate.com

Slate.com is a famous online magazine owned by Slate Group. It is an online forum that consists of all the latest news and current happening all around the globe. It is a sort of all in one online magazine that comprises of the latest news, online visitor posts, blogs and articles on various topics. The platform lets its users write for the Slate.com and become a permanent part of there community. The main focus of the magazine is on all the current affairs and hot happenings all around the World. Initially, the site was launched in 1996 and after its huge success in 2009, a specified French version was also launched.

#25 Steemit.com

Open Source

Steemit.com is social blogging and networking site that possesses a massive variety of different stuff relating to various departments. The best and most unique thing about this platform is that it is a reward-based website. The writers, bloggers, visitors, etc. everyone earn steem dollars by sharing, commenting, and posting stuff. The registered community on steem can even trade the steem dollar. Apart from its own rewarding currency, it provides various trading options for other famous cryptocurrencies as well. The site currently possesses more than 1 million active users. It was launched in March 2016 by Ned Scott and Dan Larimer.

#26 Phuks.co

Phuks.co is a vast website that has everything for its visitors. Every sort of user can get their desired stuff and information from this particular platform. The visitors can become a permanent member of this multi-genre by simply signing up. They would not only be able to participate in a variety of discussion threads but can also post and publish their own stuff on any of the topics. Other than this the users can get to know about all the hot happenings and the latest news from the entertainment industry as well as political and social affairs. Science, technology, jokes, arts, gaming, books, news etc. are famous departments and millions of active users participate in a discussion regarding these topics. The site has simple and easy to the interactive user interface which let every sort of user conveniently be a part of Phuks online community.

#27 Raddle.me

Raddle.me is an online forum on which vast communities of people interact and discuss various issues and things. These discussions are supported by facts and opinions. The visitors can look for hot happenings and all the latest news and similar stuff from all around the globe. Other than this by signing up visitors can become free members and participate in various threaded based discussions. They can choose any of the topics from a featured forum and can directly participate in it.

#28 Riple.io

Riple.io is an iOS-based web content sharing application that let its users share the web-based content with their family and friends on the go. The users of the app can discover a gigantic variety of web-based stuff including news, gossips, rumors etc. Other than this one can share his or her any personal problem with the community on Riple.io and can get useful suggestion and best possible solutions as well. The app is quite handy, convenient and easy to use. It let the users to frequently share stuff even from their desktops by using Ripple bookmarklet option.

#29 News360.com

News360 is online news reading and aggregator app that is available for Tablet, PCs, and Smartphones. The most unique thing about the app is its splendid ability and sheer intelligence as it shows news and threads to the users based on their interests. The app on its own collect data and gather information from the user’s social interaction and manage to provide the best possible match to that information. The app initially was released in July 2010 and the first windows app was launched in October 2010. Later on, in March 2011 the iOS and Android app were introduced. Currently, the app has more than 4 million active users collectively on all platforms.

#30 Hubski.com

Hubski.com is a news-based discussion site that provides a unique platform to its visitors to become the part of their online community and comment on a variety of discussion threads. It is a unique sort of social news site in which the visitors and the users of the site post the latest news. The site was developed by Mark Katakowski and was launched in December 2010. The site was launched as an alternative to Reddit, which was considered to be spreading hatred. The site is popular because of its clone hacker news, in that section hidden new and happenings are shared from all around the world.

#31 Digg.com


Digg is usually a news aggregator using a curated front page, planning to select stories, especially for the Internet audience, like science, trending political issues, and viral Internet issues. Digg provides the most discussed stories from around the world in one place. You may also see video clips and pictures that obtain the most views online.

Digg captures a snapshot from all Web’s most popular streams. Receive the breaking news on your preferred category, such as politics and technology. Then it provides a smart, beautiful, editorially coherent digest of what’s well-known online. Other websites have attempted this, but the new Digg is the first place that does it well.

#32 Smashingmagazine.com

SmashingMagazine.com is a famous place for advanced users who are into technology and other activities and therefore has restricted follower list. Other than that, SmashingMagazine has made a name for itself with the wide-ranging articles that are not initiated anywhere else. It does not have the best layout and looks more like an online blog but comes with in-depth analysis and research based content along with the latest trending news which makes it an obvious choice for users. The articles range from coding that has CSS, HTML, Java and other programming languages and other events that are part of the structure. You move to the design and factors such as web design, responsive, typography and inspiration factors. Mobile and other sections include various platforms such as iPhone, Android, and design patterns. Along with these, the graphics part that has photoshop, fireworks, wallpapers, freebies and other design usability factors. Smashing Magazine also has a newsletter that allows people to stay updated with the latest articles even if they do not visit the site.

#33 Voat.co

This is one of the platforms that provide you with the most popular news and events going on in the world. You can easily browse through several and most prominent activities going on all around the world. This website has been introduced in 2014 and since then it has been working as an aggregator of the news related to media and also features the content posted by the users of the website. Initially it was just a hobby of a student Lund in Sweden but later it was expanded owing to the growing interest of the people in online community and developed a full fledge website. The aim of Voat.co is to build such a website that comes up to the expectation of users; what they want to see and read on daily basis. They aim at the quality work rather than the quantity and bulk of work and gather information from a number of online sources in an efficient way. You can become a subscriber and can also help the team to find new sources of information posted without dealing with the issues of security. The community of Voat.co is very friendly and welcoming towards their users and are always looking forward to the ways to improve their websites depending upon the feedback of their users.

#34 4chan.org

Chrome OS

4chan.org is an online discussion board where you can post images for free and can post comments below the images of others as well. The best about this site is that there are dedicated boards for each topic in which most popular are music, photography, video games, and various others. You can also use the services without creating an account. The user interface is so simple and user-friendly that gives you a soothing experience.

Simply click on the boards you find interesting and get the desired stuff for free. The data available on the platform is free to explore, download and share with others. For posting some stuff you will need to get register after accepting its rules and regulation. In case of not following the rules properly your account will be either suspended temporarily or permanently. The best part is its privacy policy that the site will not reveal your identity unless you allow it.

#35 Stackoverflow.com

StackOverflow.com is a user driven and contributed portal particularly designed for the programmers, developers and those directly or indirectly linked to the profession of IT by any means. Millions of programmers are the part of this knowledge sharing center. They are here to ask questions from others and to answer the questions submitted by others. If you are looking for a platform for finding the answers to the questions related to the IT field then StackOverflow.com will be surely a great help for you for that purpose from where you will always find the best and perfect answer. You can join the online question and answers community of StackOverflow.com for the three main reasons that are to ask programming questions, answer & help the others and get recognized for your expertise. If you are an expert in your field then you must join the portal of StackOverflow.com because it is the best chance for you to build your professional level of profile and make an impactful online presence. At the portal of StackOverflow.com in addition to sharing your knowledge, you can explore for the career opportunities being posted by the other users. In short, StackOverflow.com is one of the best internet based heavens for the programmers and developers to learn coding, programming, developing and much more. They can assist the others to make their portfolio and can take assistance from others as well to enhance their knowledge.


#36 Justanswer.com

Chrome OS

JustAnswer.com is an online expert and user-contributed community based on the question and answer system. However, it is a Q&A-based website, but working on this platform is very different. Instead of providing the question and answers in traditional style, it connects visitors across the world to ask their queries from the expert members of the platform. General users can also join the services of the forum, and they will also be promoted to the expert field after providing a considerable amount of answers to the visitors of the platform. The data available here are categorized into several categories and topics also.

Check out the main topics covered by this platform, which are legal, automotive, tech support, veterinary, and various others. The best about it is that for each topic, there are experts from that, particularly the category only. Moreover, in most cases, it gives back the answer to the question of its visitors in less than ten minutes. All you are required to move to this forum, and after selecting the topic, ask your question and get the answer instantly. For the information of the readers, it is a paid service that is designed for seeking answers and advice from experts only. Paid service enhances its service quality as well.


#37 Flipboard.com

Flipboard is one of the most famous and recently introduced website where people can not only get to know different kinds of news from various sources but can also create their own magazine with the help of select features in which the topics of interest are chosen and then the news related to them is shown on the feed. It has been able to make its name quickly since the user interface is top class, you get all the options on the homepage and more than that, multiple stories are showing which makes it easier for people to read the latest news. The settings are such that a person wants to scroll down and stay on the website which gives it the edge. This is the reason it can be termed as a versatile website where people can get to know about latest news, the trends going on, getting to know about different stories, information about a particular topic along with sharing pictures and videos of their choice. More than one magazines can be created within the application and that too, free of cost. Flipboard also has localized version of magazines in more than 20 countries for the people who want to stay country specific. There are hundreds of topics which are available for the user to select and then they can be shown to other friends who are not on the platform which the help of sharing buttons for various social networks. There is a mobile version of this site too which has helped it to reach new heights and allow people to quickly scroll through the news on their devices. Other benefits of this website include the fact that most of the leading newspapers and agencies have their pages on Flipboard so you can stay in touch with whatever is happening around the globe. All in all, this is one of the best places to read the news in a different way.


#38 Allexperts.com


AllExperts.com has an independent database of almost two million questions and answers. It is listed among the oldest and leading knowledge-based portals that are delivering solutions to all types of questions and issues. The questions and answers available at the portal of this site can be explored into the categories of health & fitness, hobbies, people, parenting, recreation, real estate, business, autos, arts & humanities, and dozens of others. The best about AllExperts.com is that it will always deliver you real-time answers in all categories. All answers available at this site are free and can be accessed in a real-time environment; In addition to finding the answers, you can use the categories provided on this site.

However, you can ask the questions directly to the experts as well on any topic or category. You are required to move to submit a question form of AllExperts.com and after submitting the question simply submit it. Chances are high that you will receive the answer instantly otherwise you will require to wait until 1 AM the next day. There are a lot of experts listed on the website. You can contact them as well. This website is one of the best web-based knowledge exchange platforms that will always deliver you the best, free and real-time service. There is no geographical restriction at all.