0 is the solution of the search engines when it comes to finding the best answer to any question. This domain is specified for the question and answer system. By joining the knowledge sharing portal of you can also take part in the questioning and answering activities going on the all the time. Whatever you have in mind, will always deliver you the most reliable one answer. Just like other online knowledge exchanging platforms, is also a community-based knowledge sharing center where its members assist each other by submitting their answers or point of views. There are two ways for asking the question from First, one is asking or search Quora bar of from where you can submit your question. In a case of not finding the exact solution or exact question already asked by the others, you can submit the fresh question as well. In the same manner, you can submit the answers to the questions asked by the others. You can make answers to both fresh questions and already asked question. is one of the best community-based knowledge sharing center from where you will always find the best and exact answers against your questions.



0 is an online idea sharing community to unleash the creativity of those who want to share the best with the online worlds. It is a way to create a strong impact of yours and highlighting in the crowd. It is a source where you can share your stories with the others on any topic. In addition to sharing of own, the platform of allows to read the stories of those shared by the others as well. First, create an account with and the move thinking forward to share something unique with the others. is an online global community of writers and reader that allow them to share unique perspectives on small and large ideas. Just after the signup you will be provided with the chance of reading and interacting with those that really matters for you. It is one of the best sources to unleash your creativities and connects you with those voices and perspectives that really matter. Read medium and get smarter with the best information.


0 is a top professional business focused network that link the professionals with professionals. It is generally a platform to improve your professional social circle. By joining this platform the students, newcomers and professionals will get an instantaneous use of knowledge and exploit the options by making relations with some other professionals around the world. The very best about is that it is among the largest professional network in the globe and it is the system of the experts and professionals of all fields’ professions. This is a platform from where the user can get higher level of job and relates to understand about the best opportunities which are otherwise difficult to get in newspapers and job portals. Nowadays number of organizations, groups of professionals, and universities have joined the platform of Simply by joining this platform it’s also possible to communicate with the professionals of these institute, companies and groups. To acquire the services of there’s a element of registration and after joining the the participant will get entry to jobs, blogs, reports, and people of Two hundred countries around the world. In addition, also offer the marketing solutions, sales options and skill options. In other words, it is the best platform for improving your skills and even personality.



0 is an online portal that supports for the user generated content. is the one of the best places over the internet to discover the best stuff and create the original one as well. It is a way to get the in-depth information of any of the content shared by the others. is best known for delivering the media-rich articles on any topic that you will surely like to read. Among a lot of topics the main topics being covered by the are health, gender & relations, games, toys, entertainment & media, education & science, fashion & beauty, business & employment, and much more. It is an open community of the professional bloggers, explorers and knowledge seekers across the globe. is the best way to interact with others and share the information with others. has made the process of all kind of idea sharing very simple either it is in the shape of pictures, videos or words. You will be provided with a writing dashboard to create your content and then share with others.



LiveJournal is a social networking platform where people get to do multiple things making it a versatile social site. It is a place where people can not only interact with each other but also keep a blog for themselves where they can share their daily routines and other interests. It is more famous among politicians and writers who use this place to share their views. It is particularly famous in Russia where people use it more since it has collaborated with a famous Russian newspaper. It started way back in 1999 to keep high school friends in touch, in 2005 it became a blogging network and in 2005 further improvements converted into a social network where several more features were added. There are many restrictions on using this platform, two people who are added cannot be in a relationship with each other but can only add each other as a friend. People can interact with others with the help of different tools such as messages and comment on the profiles or the articles that have been written. Once two people befriend each other, they can see the stuff which is not shared with the public. There are many options which are common for everyone. People can enter each journal entry on their own through the website, people can create their own friend list where they can add or remove people based on their interests. People can not only develop their own profile but can also change the themes and other option on the profile. People can enter details about themselves which are shown on the user info page. There are account different levels which an individual may achieve but the most commonly used one is the basic version which has more than 95% people. Overall it is a good place to share your views and make new friends.



Ghost is a place where people can blog in a different way, it gives people the option of downloading the software on their devices and then you can use it for as long as you can. The service is free of charge, and the user does not have to pay anything to use the main features. The service was founded in 2013 and has been able to attract a good number of users for the platform. The main disadvantage of the site is that you do not have the option of making it your own, the site charges you on the amount of views you get, and that can become a kind of weird feeling. That said, there are many options on the website which can benefit the people who want a proper platform for their blogging expedite. The site uses the interface similar to WordPress so anyone who has used that will find it easy to use Ghost. There are many benefits of using this site, such as, people can add friends on their profiles who can read the stuff that is shared. They can then comment on the articles, like them and give ratings. There is also an option of creating lists, where you can add things such as the ones you would want to do and keep a note. It can also act as a developing network such as This means that people can create their own blogs where they can share their views, routines, and thoughts about a particular topic while they can also create different applications for the website and manage their content through the site. The main advantage of the location is that it is free to use, and people do not have to pay for using any service until they start getting views. Overall, it is a place where you can get good value for the time you spend.


0 is an ecommerce website and blog building system to enable you create online store and grow your business. Everything that you need from ready to go to the customizable tools are the part of to make you able to build your online store within minutes. Free trail without the requirement of credit card is also available for those who want to check the services of in advance. In addition to online store, also offers the other users to create the websites of their websites as well to make a powerful impact over others. Online selling is although a widely used medium to grow the sales but at the same time it requires careful planning as well. The interface and feature of your online store must be as per the requirements of your customers. is a platform that will tell you what are the customer preferences prevailing in the market and then will make it easy for you to sell online. By deploying the tools of, you can easily create the ecommerce websites.


0 provides an easiest and the faster way to blog. It helps you to create custom sites, blogs and channels by converting your notes to a blog pages or post for anywhere, in no time. This platform allows you to post instantly from Dropbox, Evernote, and Pocket with no fuss, no code, just the tool you already use. Through this platform, a user may create his blog without any external or internal charges. This is an entirely free platform that enables you an instant creation of your blog. Once you visit its site, this platform provides you a great convenience for making your blog and to publish it. You can turn an Evernote Notebook into an attractive and beautiful website and blog. This platform provides you a user-friendly atmosphere for making your blog and allows you to write you content stuff on any of your devices and then convert it into a blog for free. Through this platform, you can write whatever the trending topic and publish it for the users without making any extra effort. You can use this platform over different iOS platforms (iPad, iPhone, iPad Touch, iPod Mini, and others).


0 is a drag and drop feature based ecommerce platform that will give you the liberty to create a free ecommerce website. allows the willing retailers to create the online shopping store and websites without having any technical and coding knowledge. In addition to providing the ready to use designs tools and features, support for the customizable tools as well. The technical and highly advanced features of make the users able to create the beautiful storefront and get the powerful management system as well. In addition to supporting for the desktop based systems, is optimized for the smartphone interfaces as well. It’s time to turn your business into success by using the customizable features of and makes your store’s look as you want. Beautiful product galleries from classic shop to bold view and simple to home page gallery, all features are the part of the Manage everything you need and enjoy the tools for tracking the orders, get paid easily, promote sales and manage shipping & tax.


0 has emerged as a leading platform that combines the features of a social network, blogging platform and chatting place where something for everyone exists. The best feature is the posts sharing options, instead of just statuses, where the user gets to show others anything they want such as images, videos, link, text or others. People who see the content than having the option of sharing it with others through re-blogging. Tumblr also has the messaging option where one person gets to send messages to the other and then interact privately. The twitter like the option of sharing text in few words, quotes and related stuff is also possible which makes it a place that gives something to everyone. It does not cost anything to create an account; a person needs just their email address and password to sign up and use all the features. You do not have to pay anything, and that gives it distinction because it does not contain any ads or promoted content like others and has a relatively young audience.


0 is one of the top rated web articles and web content management platforms on the planet that along with offering the system for creating, and website servicing resources, deals in the development of website and web blogs also. This leading CMS delivers the website owners and blog owners with all of those applications and tools that guide them in handling each and every web based written content from writing to editing and drafting to publishing. itself is written in the PHP and MySQL and that’s the reason installed on a web server. Nowadays it’s among the most preferred and trusted CMS due to providing a lot of choices to its customers. The main offering by the are it’s a unique web format system makes use of the template processor. Furthermore, it’s considerably featured fully in term of plugins, themes, built-in integration structure for mobile apps, and plenty of additional features that you can get in form of SEO tools, SEM helpful structure, advance permalink system, support for tagging as well as nearly all those functions and features termed as essential aspects for an effective online presence.



When it comes to make your own blog or website designing site, Blogger is one of those sites that are famous for the reason. It works with Google hence if you have a Google account and want to design your blog, it would be easy for you to use Blogger. When it was launched, around 7 years ago, it has only 250,000 readers but the site gained immense popularity and is now having 400 million readers of the website. It is now considered to be one of the famous and most commonly used website that is free of cost. Blogger is the one site that expresses the true thoughts by providing them various options to design their blog or websites. It provides you with a BlogSpot sub domain when you are creating your own blog to make the things more convenient for you. There are numerous features of Blogger that are helpful towards its users. You are provided with a drag and drop interface that is easy to use. Blogger is also being integrated with Google Adsense that is beneficial and help you in generating some income through your blog. Indeed it is one of the best blogging sites, with several advantages and specific characters that are adding to its popularity.


0 may seem a strange choice for this category, but the fact is that since so much content is shared on the site, the humor part also has a significant presence because of which it becomes apt to add it to the list. People here share the stuff at fast speeds, in a simple manner and users do not even need to create an account to get the exclusive content. The main drawback here is that the website is not that great to look but shows the latest content that is present which makes it easier for people to access and open. Reddit does not contain many videos or images on the top and therefore based on the text. The top side shows the content arranged in categories such as new, rising, high, controversial, promoted and gilded and also has the option of seeing funny stuff, pics, videos, news, gaming, gifs, movies, jokes, television and a lot of other things. Call it a magazine that is different from other online platforms.



Because of its features designed as per the requirement of the dynamic blogging world, has taken a right place as the one of the best blogging platforms. is a totally commercial platform. However, you can enjoy the free trial for fourteen days as well if you want to get familiarity with the The reasons behind the popularity of are the services that it delivers to it users in the shape of providing the beautiful and distraction-free blogging platform. If you want to refine your writing skills then will also make you able to reshape your writing skills to the professional level of writing. Sleek and minimal backend and then the addition of polished and intuitive frontend will force you to fall in love with the A lot of features themes are the part of the that allows the users to choose among these. All the themes of as based on the feature of being user-friendly and responsive. The main highlighted features of are full page cover photos, email subscriptions, host system, custom domain support, syntax highlighting, stats with Google Analytics and bio page.


0 is an amazing and most rapidly growing social networking and micro-blogging site. It is a secure and decentralized network. It is quite similar to the world’s most famous social media platform ‘Twitter’ but yet it is quite different in terms of overall functionality. It does have “toots” similar to the tweets but these toots are encrypted by AES encryption phenomena and can even be sent privately to the mastodon users. The site was developed by Eugen Rochko and was initially released on 5 October 2016. The site was released again on 11 July 2018 with some major changes. The site has more than a million registered users and is offered in a variety of different languages all around the globe.



Posthaven is perhaps the most versatile network when it comes to blogging. It gives people the option of writing blog posts through email. Once you type the text of your blog post and send it to the email address provided, it is automatically made available on the blog of yours. The website can only be used when you sign up, once the process is complete there are many options which can be used by bloggers to enhance their blog. The possibility of sharing your posts on other social networks are there automatically so you do not have to install another code just for that. This can become a place where people visit your profile, read your stuff and then get to know you in a different way. The website is developed by a set of engineers with the aim of making it a place where people can blog without having to go through the usual trouble of posting. Once you create a blog, it stays there forever. The main drawback is that it is a paid service and if you pay for the blog then your work will be visible. As soon as you stop paying, your blog can be removed. The main benefit of this website is that it acts as a community, people can interact with each other, get to know and then based on their interests develop their writing. It has taken different tools from other sites and combined them in one place. The website was developed in 2013 and has more than 50,000 users but can improve a lot. The main area of improvement is the homepage which is pretty vague, and you do not get a proper idea to what the website is about. It can make a name for itself in the coming days if the website is able to keep up to the modern standards and can bring the necessary changes.


0 is a modern and open-source flat-file CMS that allow you to create websites quickly and easily. The solution is specially designed for experts to beginners and has a powerful API and sophisticated package manager that make it super flexible. It is an open-source CMS, and all the code is available on One of the most interesting facts about this solution is that it comes with a super and easy to use admin plugin that provides an intuitive interface to make to all configuration and content creation easy and enjoyable. All its tools are packed with heaps of documentation that helps you become a professional developer. As compared to all the other most leading CMS, it is quite simple yet powerful and offers all basic to major tools and features that make it a comprehensive solution. core feature includes quite simple content creation; online click installs, stellar performance, multiple language support, dynamic content types, powerful content filtering, image media processing, easy backup and restores, debugging and login, etc. Another most interesting fact is that it comes with pre-built modern templates that allow the easy realization of any design.


0 is an all-in-one solution that lets you start your blog, write, and share for free without any cost. You don’t have to buy a domain to start a blog, simply get a free subdomain registered under and allow you to enjoy all commercial features without any limitation. In order to deliver comprehensive blogging experience, it offers advanced admin dashboard to manage your blog easily and built for focus and productivity. Its WYSIWYG editor let you write the way you like and offer a range of exciting writing features that enhance your experience. introduce an all-in-one File Manager that keep your images, documents, and other files in one place. Unlike all the leading solutions, it also has massive collection themes, each suitable for a different kind of blogging. You can easily customize each theme with different colors and layouts. also includes core feature such as fully optimized for search engines and content sharing sites, share your post with others, and customize SEO behaviors, theme customization, templates, file manager, group blogging and much more. also has a paid version that offers lots of new and exciting features for professionals.



Transform your plain text into a static website. is free and easy to use static website generator created for businesses and developers who want to create a simple but professional use websites and blogs. It works by processing raw text files that contain in a directory and runs them through the converter and renderer. The result is a series of static pages that can be combined into a blog or website and hosted on the user’s preferred server, or if they wish, they can host it on GitHub’s servers, a comprehensive platform designed by the engine for free. is known as an aware blog application, which means that it can process text files as blog entries. Maintaining them in an easy task as it only tasks one folder for text files in order to manage a blog. For users that have previous blogs but want to transfer their data to their new generated site, they can do so. They only have to ask the team behind the solution to assist them in the process to make sure no data goes missing. There is also has an advanced customization feature that allows easily customize its templates and themes without any limitation. also includes core features such as permalinks, plugins, drafts, static pages, post file, and management and hundreds of free theme and templates, etc.


0 is a new way of spreading the ideas by staying behind the curtains. It is in fact a private and anonymous blogging and journaling platform where people from different parts of the world come to share their point of views on any subject matters. They share their feelings, experiences and even personal incidents with others to hold discussions and do all these without feeling any tension. You no need to create an account at all because according to sharing of your email ID can also lead to disclosing the identity. That is the privacy level being maintained by this application. Moreover, the posts shared by you can’t be seen by every member of the It will be again seen by only those only who are link to this people. is simply the best writing and sharing platform to preserve and share your ideas with others.